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ARG FL Poll: Obama 50-Romney 45

From American Research Group, which, like a previous Public Policy Polling robo-poll today found President Obama leading Mitt Romney 50-45 among likely Florida voters. A Miami Herald poll, which used a different methodology and (likely) partisan breakdown, found a much closer race. For discussion on those differences, read the bottom of the post about the PPP poll here.

Both PPP and the Herald's Mason-Dixon poll showed the same split among independents, 51-40, in favor of Obama. ARG finds them virtually tied, 47-48, for Obama and Romney respectively. That's a sign that the poll probably skewed Democratic in its survey size, though the crosstabs aren't available.


Likely voters 50% 45% 1% 4%

Democrats (42%) 83% 12% 1% 4%
Republicans (36%) 12% 84% - 4%
Independents (22%) 47% 48% 1% 4%


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Peter Principle

Boy, I know it hurts Marc Caputo's feelings, but there really are more Democrats than Republicans in Florida -- 41% to 36%, according to the Division of Elections.

So that "skew" he's talking about is actually called "reality."

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