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Bain-bashing Miamian to speak at DNC tonight

It wouldn't be a convention without some Bain Capital bashing, and tonight the DNC will feature Cindy Hewitt, who was HR manager at a medical supply company Mitt Romney's firm held in the late 1990s.

As described in our story earlier this year, Bain shut down its Miami operations costing 850 jobs and a $30 million payroll in the community. "What bothers me most is that Romney's campaign says he was a creator of jobs," said Hewitt said in January. "I didn't see that in any way, shape or form. He didn't create jobs. He slashed and burned jobs." 

Also speaking tonight is Floridian Johanny Adams, who became a citizen on Feb. 29, will cast her first vote for President Obama. "Her mom works as an overnight nursing assistant and they both “are trying to make ends meet every month," the DNC said. "Johanny is currently studying Political Science and Journalism at Miami Dade Community College and believes the Pell Grant program is a 'blessing' because 'every dollar makes a difference in college.' "

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What Democrats and liberals don't get is that when the money isn't there to pay for everybody and what they want, cuts are required in order to keep money flowing to some other people and what they need.

It's about priorities. And often, a huge amount of waste in the corporate and government world occurs in the hiring and maintenance of more HR people than are really needed.

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