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Barack Obama's new ad uses AARP to criticize Romney's Medicare plan

For the second time, President Obama is using the AARP to bolster the case for his Medicare plan. And he's now using its voter guide to go after Mitt Romney. The ad, however, suggests AARP called Romney's plan a "voucher" proposal; it didn't. And, in saying Romney's plan could increase per-senior out-of-pocket costs by $6,400, Obama is relying on an old analysis of an old plan from Mitt Romney's running mate, Paul Ryan, which the campaign says no longer applies.

So what is Romney's plan? He's not really saying (more here on that).

The script:

Voiceover: “The new A-A-R-P voter guide is out…with facts you need on Medicare.”

VO: “FACT: Barack Obama will protect your guaranteed benefits, and will NOT allow Medicare to become a voucher program...” Visual: Highlight: guaranteed benefits. Highlight: will not allow Medicare to become a voucher program

VO: “FACT: Mitt Romney would take away Medicare’s guaranteed benefits and instead give future retirees ‘premium support’ – or vouchers.” Visual: Highlight: “premium support”

VO: “A-A-R-P OPPOSES that plan.”


VO: “Get the facts.” Visual: “Get THE FACTS: MedicareFacts.com”


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