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Dolphins-dissing President Obama chats Pitbull, Medicare with 'Pimp with the Limp' DJ Laz

President Obama continues reaching out to non-traditional media to spread the campaign word, appearing in a pre-recorded interview that aired this morning on 106.7 FM with DJ Laz AKA “the pimp with the limp,” who tweeted that he was getting “REAL Answers from @BarackObama.”

Laz even got false ones.

For instance, Obama said that repealing Obamacare, which cut Medicare and helped extend the life of the program by eight years,  would cause the program to go “bankrupt by 2016.”

That’s not really true. If the cuts were repealed, a main hospital trust fund for Medicare would start to take in less than it pays out. But that’s not bankruptcy.

On the whole, Obama stayed on message, dropped a few pop culture references and reached an audience that seldom pays close attention to politics. He also made time to mock the Dolphins bad record. It's an effective outreach technique, but you have to wonder about the president's criticisms of the mainstream press when he picks these venues. Too bad Laz didn't ask the president about his big hit, "if you ain't got your clothes off get your ass off the stage." Would love to hear POTUS rap to that.

The intro:

Obama: DJ Laz.

Laz: O-Bama!

Obama: “What’s going on, man?”

Laz: “How are you, sir?”

Obama: “Blessed and highly favored.”

Laz: It is an honor and pleasure to have the president of the United States. I’m humbled

Obama: “I’m the one who should be humbled. You’re big time. You’ve got Pitbull and Flo Rida and all these guys just beating a path to your door. And so I’m hoping I can get a little of that magic from you in this interview.”

Laz: I’m wearing a Miami Dolphins jersey

Obama: “You’ve got to start with that Dolphins thing. Did you see that HBO special Hard Knocks. That’s a pretty good show. As I recall, you guys didn’t win any… in the preseason”

Laz: Now I’m getting ragged on by the president of the United States

Obama: “I’m just saying you brought it up. My Bears – I’m feeling pretty good about them.”

The rest was standard campaign fare. Click and listen.


****update: The campaign tells us the interview was pre-recorded two days ago. The radio station ran the interview this morning, 9/11, and the original post noted the absence of a Sept. 11 reference by the president as a result.


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Why is Hussein siding with al-Qaeda terrorists in his support of their attack on our embassy in Egypt and consulate in Libya? Why is the coward Hussein totally silent on the Chicago teacher's strike? Why is Hussein siding with the greedy union in their War on Children? Hussein must hate childrn too.

Alan Beasley

Really President Clinton - squandered your surplus?
Or did President Bush step up?

I was struck by the selective memory of President Clinton during his speech at the 2012 DNC.

I did not expect him to say that he inherited a booming economy adding a million new jobs every 3 – 4 months; adding 3 million in 1993, 6.6 million by Dec 1994, and 8.8 million by Dec 1995.

I did not expect President Clinton to say that after he left the White House - the U.S. lost jobs 11 out of the next 12 months, and 20 of the next 24 months; 1 million prior to the attacks of September 11th. And that is what created a huge 2.3 million job deficit at the very start of the next presidential term.

I did not think President Clinton would give the Bush Administration any credit at all.

I did not expect President Clinton to say President Bush was handed a country in recession, an office tarnished by impeachment, and a nation of Americans frustrated with a decade of terrorism; by an increasingly emboldened enemy.

I certainly didn’t think Clinton would say he regretted not taking Osama bin Laden seriously throughout the 1990s. Or that in hind sight, the writing was on the wall – the WTC truck bombing, the twin Embassy bombings, the Navy Ship Cole, diplomatic assassinations, and several exposed plots; like the 1995 airline plot by Ramzi Yousef who was the mastermind of the 1993 WTC attack.

I definitely didn’t expect Clinton to say he was pleased Bush ended the attacks … where he had not.
Or that Clinton would say he did not intend to leave it for Bush - to respond to a decade of terror attacks including 9/11, to create the Department of Homeland Security, and to ensure that buildings in NYC, U.S. Embassies, Navy Ships, or others were not vaporized - as happened in the 1990s.

And certainly, Clinton would not admit that his response – at the time deemed “symbolic”, “worrisome”, and “potentially dangerous” – was simply inadequate and would not deter anyone!

Nobody expected President Clinton to say President Bush was forced to spend trillions to defend Americans worldwide. Or to commend Bush for ending the decade long string of increasingly devastating attacks – and not “cheaply” like in the 1990s; which obviously was a complete failure!

But I was appalled that he criticized President Bush for squandering his surplus!


Especially since Clinton knows very well that it cost taxpayers over $1.7 trillion (and countless lives) to deal with the recession he left behind, the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, and one of those "un-funded wars" Clinton likes to complain about.

Yet, for 11 years we have seen no attacks, no embassies have been demolished, no assassinations? And Clinton’s recession alone completely erased any surplus.

This is what I hear when someone claims President Bush threw away a surplus of a few billion dollars.

I suppose every president could claim a surplus - if they left America somewhat defenseless!


Wow! Great to see I am not alone in my total disgust with the current POTUS.

Do the readers/commenters on this newspaper blog reflect the opinions of most Floridians? I hope so.

Kevin Fodor

The White House has a habit of gladly placing the President on shows with disc jockeys who have absolutely no knowledge of world affairs, or tend to ask anything other than "boxers or briefs" style of questions.

The White House will NOT allow the President to go on local news stations where he might get asked something critical...in fact, in some cases the topics to be discussed are cleared in advance and pre-cleared through the Administration.

It is complete and total "management" of the news. Certainly, the Obama Administration is not the first to do this...but may be the first to take it to extremes.


B O stinks!!!!


he didnt mention 911 because he didnt want to offend his muslim brothers.....


And the POTUS' lies continue with none of the main press reporting it. Shameful.


I thought 95% of blacks were going to vote for Obama. I thought the energy level for democrats was evrery bit as high as the democrats. If so why would he act like a gutter politician pandering to them. It is disgraceful at best. Surely this ploy to relate to his core is planned but somehow this has to backfire as this is beyond shameful, it is the lowest type of human behavior from any politician I have ever seen.
he won't even pretend to govern and to act as a leader but is so blindly seeking to retain power that he literally will do anything, including groveling. All he needs to do is teach the teleprompter Spanish and he is all set.


I don't know about you. But I'm voting for the AMERICAN this year.


the Unprecedented Un-President at his usual mindless play.

Chuck Viccente

Mortifying. Absolutely mortifying.

BHO = Human POS

Big Bear

Since most Obama voters are low-impulse control EBT swipers (whose criminal records don't matter since voter ID is "racist") this interview is par for the course.


So this is what Obama was worried about on anniversary of 9-11? Our embassy in Egypt is overrun by Islamic goons (I guess they didn't know about the "democracy" that was supposed to be part of the Arab Spring) too but the man- child is fooling around with silly interviews.

God we have to get this man out of the White House!

r luc

ditto to all of you except the dipshit with the FORWARD msg. what an idiot...too bad america is getting dumber and dumber with each generation. OBAMA sux!!!!!! Vote him the hell out!!!!


you people are crazy... Can you say Pre-recorded??? READING IS fundaMENTAL!!


Pimp with the Limp Interviews the Limp Dick Chimp.

Willy Brown

Yo FLO RIDA < (how lame is that name) you all can keep Mack daddy Obummmmaaaa. He’s freaking useless but what else would you expect from an Affirmative Action failure...

Pop Louie

The POTUS is digging into manure piles to get support for his failing party and for himself. The odor is overwhelming and no amount of wind will make it go away until Romney and Ryan take over and bring in fresh air and lots of sunshine. Lets keep spreading the word that a new day and outlook for America will be here soon and very soon. Keep God and Jerusalem alive so that we can all live free and pass on to our children a grear country they deserve in the future.


No vote for nobama from me....the "man" is an embarrassment to our country.


there is absolutely no class, dignity, honor, respect or anything positive left in this person and his minions! I have never seen a more grotesque and Godless people in my life than what we see now running our Government.. DEAR GOD PLEASE HELP US!

Joe McCoy

How is respecting a man who uses the word pimp in his title not advocating for violence against women?


but he can't meet with Netanyahu?


Chute it and put us out of our misery!


Everything since this president was elected is seen through the prism of racism. He is Bi-racial not black yet you would never know that. He is no more black than he is white (50-50) yet blacks have now glammed onto him when in 2008 Al "the Hustler" Sharpton was calling him an "Oreo", black on the outside and white on the inside. And The Rev Jesse Jackson was caught on an open mic saying he would like to "Cut his balls off for talking down to the brothers" He has brought the office of president down to new lows with the people he has invited to the White House, many of which are convicted felons and past criminals. Many times he acts as though he is still in the dorm smoking weed and snorting some blow with his homies.

Kevin Stowell

It appears Touré had it wrong; it is Obama who is trying to force "niggerization" on America. The self-loathing Black running our country sticks yet another thumb in the eye of the nation. Way to go 67 million hope-and-changers! Your thinking he cared about you is even more revealing about how stupid the Left are.


Obama has time for a DJ, but no time for an emergency meeting with Netanyahu regarding possible war in the Middle East!
He'd better find time or we will have a huge problem there! What a major fool he is!


Thankfully, the Oman's time is running out. It cannot come soon enough. May his predecessor be blessed with leadership qualities so lacking in the man whom so many Americans looked upon as a God=given, only to discover his short comings too late. We are in desperate need of someone who can correct past bad decisions and put our blessed land back on the correct track and not place his or her popularity ratings above our nations desperate needs. Joan Driscoll

Mary Parsons

From 1979-2000, the American workker averaged 11.5 cents/hr/yr increase.From 1989-2000, American CEOs averaged 342% increase in total compensation, this during the Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II administrations. The Institute for Policy Studies reports that 26 CEOs averaged more than $20 million/hr last year and paid little if any tax, this due to the lobbyists who were successful in getting the tax code slanted to the rich. Many leadinng corporations pay no tax. Think where you'd be if you had 25% of the CEO comp and could pay 13% versus 28% in taxes over the years and could send your money to the Caymans and Swiss accounts (like Mr. Romney)to avoid taxes. The Republican Party has not been good for the middle class. Research it. Don't rely on the sound bites. See Politifacts.com who grades the ads. A lot of our deficit is for two wars that Obama did not start and for a recession he inherited. Your vote is important. Make sure you know what your getting.

Mary Parsons

Correction to Mary Parsons' post. The 26 CEOs averaged $20 million/year.


This nation has lost its way. Obama can't meet with the prime minister of Israel during a time of crisis with Iran, but he can try to rally his base on radio shows? Hey, Mitt Romney.. Run an ad with that contrast in Ohio ASAP.

The Rev Al

Obama the 'Hip Hop' President. No wonder he gets 98% of the mind numbed black vote.


The "Elite" are trying to "soft kill" the masses by putting fluoride in the water supply & aspartame in our food & drinks.But people are starting to WAKE UP! to these incriminating acts! & fighting back. Social engineering has also been a way of controlling & dumbing down the masses!from the music industry to your favourite tv show.The "Elite" have been carrying out these dispicable acts for decades.It's all part of a new world order to reduce the world's population to half a billion people. Don't believe me? do the research.

Joseph Prevish

Yo, Yo, President O

Got time to meet wit da "Pimp"

How bout some time for Netanyahu.... Yo


What a total disgrace.


I'm sure this was more important than meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister to avoid war with Iran.


It's time to elect a serious adult as President.


So Barry meets with some half-ass DJ but can't find time to meet with Israel's PM. You know, I'm beginning to think Obama is a joke the Democrats are playing on us.


WOW...what a wild group of highly uninformed angry people One day, this kind of hatred will only be remembered in history books (ipads) that your culturally mixed grand children and great grand children will read about.


Obama is white as much as black anyway. He has helped sell the perverse lie that black people are dumb and need a constant nanny to make their decisions. Most all you blacks buy that crap because you don't want to sell out a "brother". Wake up, he is pimping out the black race at a slave masters profit. He wasn't rich before he needed your votes. But he sure is now and look who does the masters bidding. Self reliance and hard work is beautiful in any skin color. Show Barack that American values matter over hatred and blame.

Political Hostage

This is more important than meeting with Netanyahu. We don't have a president at the moment, but don't fret, Romney will fix this mess... that's what made him millions of dollars - taking failing, run into the ground businesses (like the USA) and turning them around into profitable, viable entities. We need Romney more than ever right now.

Oh and has anyone ever seen Barry throw a football? Yeah, his Bears... riiiiight. Someone quickly ask Barry how many people an offense has on the field during a play. I bet dimes to dollars Barry hasn't a clue.

Political Hostage

The jackhole PLO says... "Please all you ignorant haters, promise you'll leave America after Obama is re-elected. FORWARD!"

I'm so glad children cannot vote. An adult with any skin in the game (job, business, land owner) would never say something so childish or vote for a self-avowed America-hating Marixt.

Plo... get smarter.


Doesn't everyone get their up to the minute political news from DJ "Pimp with a Limp"?

Political Hostage

@Mary Parsons

So Mary... if every successful CEO in the world gave up all their money guess what? You wouldn't have one more dime in your pocket than you do at this very moment.

But you know what you have considering there are these success stories? Opportunity.

Mary, get smarter. You've fallen for the leftist ideal of class warfare. I see the number you collected (while leaving out the biggest jump in success, during the Clinton years when the GOP held the House and Senate, but I'm sure that didn't fit your little Obaaaama template). Success only comes to those that sacrifice, and that's the difference between you successful CEO's. They educated themselves, spent many hours working when the people like you came in at 9:00 and left at 5:00. They worked to get where they are, while you complain about where you are not at in life. You can be jealous, you can cuss and spit, but until you learn how to be successful you will go nowhere in life.

Good luck Mary.


The most divisive POTUS since Nixon.

Class warfare, race cards and gender pandering are all he knows.


Give me a break pimp with a limp gimp no brain what ever ten call you....NOBAMA this country has been destroyed enough by that scum!!!


Homie is obviously playing to his base.


Welcome to our first Affimative Action president. I went though college with guys like this that were pushed through the system to make the school look good. Nice guys but not a clue about anything but hood.


What a piece of garbage this o'sama o'bama is.


Low level trash and traitor with a plan to destroy America. All those who support him are the same.

Allen Ross

The facile alliteration of the pimp's moniker disgusts and the imagery offends. The DJ therefore is the appropriate interviewer for the disgusting Offender in Chief.

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