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Dolphins-dissing President Obama chats Pitbull, Medicare with 'Pimp with the Limp' DJ Laz

President Obama continues reaching out to non-traditional media to spread the campaign word, appearing in a pre-recorded interview that aired this morning on 106.7 FM with DJ Laz AKA “the pimp with the limp,” who tweeted that he was getting “REAL Answers from @BarackObama.”

Laz even got false ones.

For instance, Obama said that repealing Obamacare, which cut Medicare and helped extend the life of the program by eight years,  would cause the program to go “bankrupt by 2016.”

That’s not really true. If the cuts were repealed, a main hospital trust fund for Medicare would start to take in less than it pays out. But that’s not bankruptcy.

On the whole, Obama stayed on message, dropped a few pop culture references and reached an audience that seldom pays close attention to politics. He also made time to mock the Dolphins bad record. It's an effective outreach technique, but you have to wonder about the president's criticisms of the mainstream press when he picks these venues. Too bad Laz didn't ask the president about his big hit, "if you ain't got your clothes off get your ass off the stage." Would love to hear POTUS rap to that.

The intro:

Obama: DJ Laz.

Laz: O-Bama!

Obama: “What’s going on, man?”

Laz: “How are you, sir?”

Obama: “Blessed and highly favored.”

Laz: It is an honor and pleasure to have the president of the United States. I’m humbled

Obama: “I’m the one who should be humbled. You’re big time. You’ve got Pitbull and Flo Rida and all these guys just beating a path to your door. And so I’m hoping I can get a little of that magic from you in this interview.”

Laz: I’m wearing a Miami Dolphins jersey

Obama: “You’ve got to start with that Dolphins thing. Did you see that HBO special Hard Knocks. That’s a pretty good show. As I recall, you guys didn’t win any… in the preseason”

Laz: Now I’m getting ragged on by the president of the United States

Obama: “I’m just saying you brought it up. My Bears – I’m feeling pretty good about them.”

The rest was standard campaign fare. Click and listen.


****update: The campaign tells us the interview was pre-recorded two days ago. The radio station ran the interview this morning, 9/11, and the original post noted the absence of a Sept. 11 reference by the president as a result.


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Holy crap. I'm from Miami and shocked to see all the anti 0-bama speak. Keep it up. 0-bama needs to be exposed and all his negative impact talked about daily on every corner. Search out the 'STICKY NOTE' campaign and start leaving your notes around. Usually Miami majority sticks with the darkies, but not with this buffoon.


Okay. That is just about enough. No jobs, no money, no respect for America or its allies. Hard interview= Vanity Fair (but he gets to edit the story); Soft Interview= Pimp with the Limp. He has a vision alright, just like Castro had, like Chavez has. Him in charge, running things his way.
Did you see his wife's quotes? "We just can't leave it (child rearing) up to the parents." Yeah. She said that. You're too stupid and uncouth to raise your own children properly, let the government (let ME) do it.

If you vote for this idiot, you get the government you deserve.

Susan Daniels

Anyone who does not realize that he is mentally ill is not paying attention. He needs to be removed immediately under the Twenthy-fifth Amendment. He is not fit to run our country.


Not only that... but president B.O.zo also knows ALL ABOUT some pop singer named Nicky Minaj, who (as B.O.zo put it) plays different characters. Geez, the Middle East is boiling and we have a teenie-bopper idiot in the White House.

Ryan KS

If this idiot is re-elected in November I've lost all hope in democracy, and the intentions of America. First Black president, that's awesome, but time to get someone in, Black or not that can lead the country. Our freedoms are being lost everyday, many lost by him using the presidents executive powers. The world especially the U.S. is in a state right now that needs a leader, not someone who is most concerned about a second term. Get him and his school lunch nazi wife out of office. We can't afford four more years of this president taking us FORWARD!!! Remeber...WE HIRED HIM, he is our Employee.


It's good Obama takes a breather frequently from wrecking the country with these interviews with guys like Hump the Lump or whatever the F-ing ahole's name is.


We are in big trouble, O-boy is using the DOJ and all Gov. resources to win the election. The fix is in. If people don't see the big picture by now they should not be allowed to vote. He is not looking out for America.
God was not removed from the Dem platform by mistake. O-Boy calls every shot, every move in his pathetic new pimplimpwrist party. He suckered the girls into his free condom syndrome, the anti-god kooks, the packers, you name it, he has pandered to it. If doorknobs could vote he would be licking every one.

Tonto Fig

Only 8 more weeks till we vote this walking disaster out of our house. Barrick Obbama: Worst President Ever!


This President is a ghetto President. Presidents are supposed to be, or at least try to be, universalists. President Obama is pandering to the lowest common denominator, Pimp With A Limp.

Osamas Pajamas

The only reason Pig OhBummer killed Bin Laden is because he thought that the killing would help to get him elected. Watch out, Mitt --- OhBummer is willing to kill, to stay in the White House.

Colby Mayes

STFU HATERS!!/ REDNECKS!! Obama will win and I guarantee it, look at the the electoral map. So GET USE TO HIM... Btw, Hillary Clinton in 2016.. GET USE TO THAT... AND REPUBLICANS, GET USE TO SITTIN ON THE BENCH til about 2024

Tonto Fig

"Obama will win and I guarantee it...So GET USE TO HIM..."

LOL. There sure are going to be a lot of suicidal libs on election night. Make sure you all leave the windows open.


Ooooo! Does this rapper play vile, pornagraphic, music that disrespects women? Ooooo! Mr 'president' you've elevated the black community sooooo much!
You are like their own worse enemy.


I'm trying to decide what's the difference between President Obama being interviewed by "A Pimp with a Limp" and Mitt Romney being interviewed by Sean Hannity.

No difference noted so far.

Jessie  James

Do you realize you post was on about a 4th grade level ?
Get off line douche bag and let adults talk here


Obama is pathetic and desparate


Laz: “How are you, sir?”
Obama: “Blessed and highly favored.”

How dare he compare himself to MARY the Mother of GOD ???

joseph canosue

no time for netanyahu while egypt burns and of our own on our sovereing territory is killed, but time for this dude? and the humbling bit....disgrace


I have a suspicion that Israel will have to FIGHT Iran, Egypt, and Syria when they attack Iran's Nuke Facilities....and possibly Saudi Arabia


I did like his comment honoring those who were killed on this day in 2001 by terrorists...oh wait, he didn't say a thing about 9/11, classy guy.


"Non Traditional media" doesn't matter. One man/woman = one vote. Same as it ever was. Too band the easily lied too are allowed to vote.


Pimp with the limp what?


Owebama is much to busy f---king around to do anything serious, like meet w/our Isreali allies. I hope this Black Narcissist N Cheap gets voted out in Nov. and please go back to Kenya where you came from.


Obama is trying to appeal to the idiot hip-hop crowd. He misses over half of the daily intelligence briefings so he can associate with scum and movie starts.


Real class act !


Hey guys or gals.....the more of these he goes on the more he shows his ignorance....each and every one will bring him down another notch. I will be first in line to yell "WE BEAT HIM"

Obama is a Sociopath....loves himself and cares nothing about anyone else.


Get the truth about Obama enabling Sharia states across the Mideast. He will DESTROY us and Israel if he and his thug crony goons are allowed to steal the upcoming election. Visit jihadwatch(dot)org


As an American, I personally apologize to every Israeli and every Jew for the disgraceful and obscene actions of the person who calls himself "president of the united states." Barack Obama wouldn't meet with Netanyahu but will go on Letterman and talk to pimp DJs. This is the most vile and poisonous person to ever occupy our highest office and he is an international disgrace. God willing, he will be gone soon and the government returned to the hands of adults.


This CLOWN has never figured out what his PRIORITIES should be as POTUS. He is embarrasing! We've had enough of his incompetence, corruption, divisivness and Pathological Lies. He is so finished!

Come on, November! This country is crying out for a REAL LEADER with the experience, maturity and INTELLIGENCE to bring this country back to life!

Obama ATTA

Past is the past, I am voting for MITT. End of story.


So, he can go on Letterman and meet with DJ's ut he can'y meet The Israeli leader. This country has got to rid itself of this idiot playing God. Plz wake up before we lose America and all our lives.


Ignoring Israel and meeting with foul-mouthed trash talkers. Yep that's sure what I look for in a leader. We're being played.


Mary is really Alicia Silverstone...clueless.

Sally J

OK - Let's see if I have this straight:
Rather than do serious interviews with reputable news programs, newspapers, magazines, etc., Pres. Obama chooses instead to discuss domestic policy with a DJ called "Pimp with a Limp", People Magazine, The Jimmy Fallon Show, The David Letterman Show, and a local radio station (that asked him questions like, "What color do you like better - red or green?"). Obama has also golfed 104 times as of 8/5/12, and counting (avg every 11 days).

But Mr. Obama's schedule is too booked for him to find time for an urgent meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, one of our closest allies, who is gravely concerned about the imminent danger Iran poses to his country NOW.

Clearly a priority problem. The scary thing is I don't think Obama thinks this is a problem.


I love Obama. You want to know what this interview reminds me of that really pisses me off though? That we gave Marshall to the Bears. Now they're catching TDs while we have no recievers

John Neighbours

However, Ob*ma couldn't find the time to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel concerning Iran.

Happy Chimpy

What a pathetic little monkee. This Florida voter is voting him to the curb in 55 days.

michael s

The bumper sticker you won't see:"I'm white and I support Barack Obama".
Some confessions can't be voiced.


Pimp with the limp wick?


POTUS & FLOTUS are an absolute disgrace to the Office of the President & First Lady. These two have and will take America down the proverbial toilet. Celebrities, pimps, biker chicks are more important to them than America. We will take America and the great American dream back on November 6th.
Can't wait until the Oct. debates; there are NO teleprompters allowed and Romney & Ryan will knock BHO & Biden out of the game.
Hang, in there Americans - we are coming back to the days of the Constitution, a healthy economy, morality and the restored pride in our military!
Obama has pimped this country long enough!!




No different than the "hip-hop" former criminal mayor of Detroit (the ghetto Kwame Kilpatrick)...

Ain't No O Fan

Wow...Didn't take much for ol' Obama to go ghetto did it?


Boy. It's nice to know that trailer trash reads blogs too.........hello seekers, happy chimpy and the one who referred to our president as a n-word.


i can't believe there are people that defend obama!!! this country is screwed. we will all be on welfare and living off the government but how when noones around to pay taxes?


and how mr obama do you plan to build this country from the middle class and around? the middle class is gonna hire people and give them good paying jobs? I am not sure how that works enlighten me

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