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EPA email kicks off Hispanic Heritage month with a Che Guevara pic

Picture 7The Environmental Protection Agency sent out an email honoring Hispanic Heritage month by including a picture of a man riding in front of painting with the mural of Ernesto "Che" Guevara, the website The Weekly Standard first reported.

Depicting a Marxist revolutionary in a government email is the very type of Hispanic-outreach that President Obama doesn't need and that Republicans are revelling in this election season.

Except for pictures of Fidel Castro, there are few images that can do more to outrage Cuban Americans -- a pillar of Republican support in the largest county of the nation's largest swing state -- like Che's. (Check out the photo below of a typical shopper in a Miami grocery store wearing T-shirt equating Che with an ape). But Cuban Americans are a third of Florida's Hispanic population, and the positive sentiment for Che is stronger among other Latinos, who happen to vote Democrat.

The picture enclosed in the email shows an old man in a donkey-pulled cart in front of a mural of Che that reads "On to victory -- always."

For years, Republicans have tried to paint Obama as some tyoe of Marxist. Someone at EPA just handed them a brush and a can of red paint. It didn't help that the Democratic National Convention yesterday apologized for using images of Soviet-era ships in a backdrop that was supposed to commemorate the U.S. Navy.

Picture 10Not only did the EPA email contain a picture of Che, The Weekly Standard also figured out that one of the paragraphs  was "lifted word-for-word and without attribution from the website Buzzle.com." Here it is:

"Hispanic people are vibrant, socializing and fun loving people," one entry reads. "Among various facts associated to this culture is that they have a deep sense of involvement in their family traditions and cultures."

Here's Jill Bader, Republican National Committee Florida spokeswoman: "Nevermind  that the email contained plagiarized text, WORSE is that the Obama Administration chose to highlight a poster of Che Guevara, a violent Marxist who routinely  advocated for the destruction and collapse of the United States."


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Juana Maria

The lack of historical knowledge and ignorance is obvious and insulting

AP Jury

this proves that there are imbeciles in Washington at all levels. Obama should fire right away whoever made this insulting and decrepit decision.


Obamas followers!


Ironically the photograph was taken in Cuba, a country with a dismal environmental record thanks to its government which was put in place with the aid of Guevara.


a picture of Che Guevara.....ok then why not a picture of Adolf Hitler......????


Good to see Obama's lead over Romney in Florida is now at six points and growing.

You have to understand that for years the majority of Florida Latinos were Cubanos and likelier to vote Republican.

But now with the influx of Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Mexicans, and Central Americans, most are far more inclined to vote Democrat. They know that Democrats are more Latino friendly and are not the exploitative bigots Republicans are. While I as a Latino have my quarrels with Democrats, at least I know they won't throw me off a cliff like Republicans often do to other Latinos. Therefore, I will vote Democrat in November as they are definitely the lesser of two evils compared to the bigoted and corporate welfare Republicans.


As a Hispanic republican it is sad to read your shallow political analysis which appears to be rooted in nothing more than stereotypes and lack of knowledge about the political and cultural realities of this state.
Hopefully you will become better informed prior to casting your vote on November 6 th.
How about addressing the fact that a government agency which we support via our taxes should not use a sworn enemy of the country we live in and are privileged to be a part of to commemorate Hispanic heritage.
Wake up!


What can be expected of a socialist bent on "changing" The USA?

George P. Wilson

This does not surprise me at all; socialist Obama's goverment offices are full with far to the left people who still like this mass murderer who must be burning in hell


Bush made them do it!!


Obama is a communist. His "Drean from his Father: to make the US into a communist country. See "Obama 2016", in a theater near you.


The EPA has to go! Need more proof that morons are running the show? Can we really take four more years of armatures running our country? Supposedly, the people who are responsible for this insult, to all Americans, went to college and should know better. Unless they were taught by their liberal college professors that Che was a champion of the poor and the oppressed, instead of the butcher and murderer he really was. Unbelievable!

Elizabeth Trelles Alvarez

Regardless of whether you are Republican or Democrat, Che Guevara murdered in cold blood and/or had hundreds of men shot in Cuba just for not agreeing with the Castro regime. This is an insult to humanity not just to the Cuban people.


He's still an icon for most in the real world, outside of little banana republic cuba.

G Schmidt

Che is only an icon for those ignorant people that read his words but do not know about his actions.

Does the EPA wants to commit political suicide?
Do they realize things like this give credance to GOP assertions that Obama is a communist?
Do they know if Romney wins for a few votes in Florida, EPA would be GONE?
Maybe they should stop hiring idiots like Dave
GOP do not win elections, Democrats keep shooting themselves in their feet

Chely Hernández-Miller

Why am I not surprised about the EPA?????? The ignorance of some people in government is hard to comprehend.
I will vote Republican because the GOP is the party that believes government should not run our lives...those people with their hand out for entitlements will always vote Democrat....most don´t want to work.
Vote Romney/Ryan!!!!!

Alicia ADAn


Isiah Tadeo

Bigoted and corporate welfare Republicans? I thought the Democrats are the ones touting that they killed foreign nationals and gave money to GM?

Jose Carlos Diaz

This is typical as to why America is not the country it used to be.
Now welfare, entitlements, handouts, food stamps are what the population has been conditioned by an enabler Democratic party.
Except for legitimate dependents of social programs, lazy bums and crooks exploit the system yet they are lionized and protected by democrats who in turn get the vote from that type of elector.
Decency, hard work and self reliance are things of the past.
Sadly, America is dead as we knew it. Just as in Cuba, the scum has the upper hand.


It’s a dirty trick. The email was sent from the email account of a "Management Analyst" at the EPA. This is not a senior position. She is not a Director or leader at the EPA. The organizational chart for the EPA is public information and this is easily verified.
Information Technology at the EPA must investigate how and why someone at this level had the authorization to email all staff at the EPA. The Administrator of the EPA needs to provide an explanation for this lack of control in her organization. Normally an email such as this would come from Human Resources, perhaps from a manager responsible for Diversity and Outreach. The person in this role at the EPA did not send this email.
Susie Goldring should be fired if she inappropriately used government resources to further her own political agenda - which if I were to speculate – involves working on behalf of someone who opposes President Obama’s administration or the mission of the EPA to protect our environment.


Something's rotten at EPA -- i used to work there in Washington and left a year ago -- there's no way this type of email could get out to all employees without it being cleared by several offices, including the politicals running the place. The EPA is a politicized, polarizing agency and has lost it's sense of mission and purpose and now is nothing more than a tool of the administration. Frankly, i'm not sure it was a mistake -- the politicals there admire revoluntaries, socialists and communists.

Luis T Puig

What I have been saying for a while now... Obama is a communist!

BTW Obama's relection slogan "Forward" in Spanish is "Adelante", the tittle of the military march dedicated to the communist guerrila Ernesto Che Guevara!!!!!

YouTube "Himno al Guerrillero Ernesto Che Guevara"

Enough said!


What is ironic here is that thousands of Cubans crying foul now due to this ad were responsible for Castro rise in their homeland...a grand wizard imperial of the kkk endorsed Mr Romney, do I think that Mr Romney share the views of the KKK? of course not...this is just a desperate attempt to make a non-existent connection just to get the Cuban American vote specially the "old guard" which is not that politically educated.

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