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FL Jewish poll: Obama 69%-Romney 25%; Paul Ryan unpopular VP pick compared to Joe Biden

From the American Jewish Committee:

September 20, 2012 -- New York -- More than two-thirds -- 69 percent -- of Jewish voters in Florida say they will choose President Obama over Governor Romney, who will win 25 percent of the state's Jewish vote, according to a new American Jewish Committee (AJC) survey.

Obama won 76 percent of the Florida Jewish vote in 2008. Jews comprise about four percent of the voters in Florida, which is widely considered to be a key battleground state in the 2012 election.

AJC's survey explored Jewish attitudes towards choice of running mates, U.S.-Israel relations, Iran's nuclear program, and other top issues of concern when voting for president.

The telephone survey of 254 registered Jewish voters in Florida was conducted from September 7-9 by QEV Analytics, a public opinion research organization. It is the first in a series of AJC surveys of American Jewish opinion conducted this month. Ohio is the other battleground state where Jewish voters are being polled, and a full national survey is in progress.  AJC's last national survey of American Jews was conducted in March 2012.

"In a key state, to which both parties are devoting a great deal of time and attention, and where recent history is a reminder that the margin of victory can be razor-thin, the Jewish vote takes on added importance, said AJC Executive Director David Harris. "This survey, the first of three on the Jewish political outlook in the build-up to November 6, will doubtless be of interest to all those following this year's election."

Iran Nuclear Threat

There is overwhelming concern among Jewish voters about Iran's nuclear program. A majority would support military action by the United States or Israel if diplomacy and sanctions fail to stop Iran's quest for nuclear weapons.

n  79 percent are very concerned and 15 percent somewhat concerned about the prospect of Iran obtaining nuclear weapons. Six percent are not concerned.

n  53 percent say it is unlikely, and 43 percent say it is likely, that a combination of diplomacy and sanctions can stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

n  62 percent would support, and 27 percent oppose, U.S. military action against Iran if diplomacy and sanctions fail.

n  74 percent would support Israel military action, and 17 percent oppose.

A majority of Florida Jewish voters, 51 percent, approve, while 36 percent disapprove, of the way President Obama is handling the Iranian nuclear program. When asked which major party is likely to make the right decisions regarding Iran's nuclear program, 56 percent choose the Democratic Party and 31 percent the Republican Party.

 Vice President

Seventy-two percent of respondents said it is important in deciding how to vote, and 26 percent said it is not.

For Obama's selection of Joseph Biden as his running mate, 76 percent approved and 14 percent disapproved. Regarding Romney's selection of Paul Ryan, 30 percent approved and 59 percent disapproved.

Other Issues of Concern to Florida Jewish Voters

The economy, health care and national security are the top issues of concern for Jewish voters in considering their choice for president.

n  64 percent approve, and 33 percent disapprove, of the way President Obama is handling the economy.

n  69 percent approve, and 28 percent disapprove, of the way President Obama is handling health care.

n  76 percent approve, and 22 percent disapprove, of the way President Obama is handling national security.

Florida Jewish voters, on a range of issues, favored the Democratic Party over the Republican Party for making the right decisions -- 66 percent to 27 percent on national security; 54 percent to 35 percent on U.S.-Israel relations; and 68 percent to 28 percent on the economy.

U.S.-Israel Relations

On U.S.-Israel relations, 72 percent view Prime Minister Netanyahu's handling of the relationship favorably, while 21 percent see it unfavorably. For President Obama's handling of U.S.-Israel relations, 61 percent approve and 33 percent disapprove.

Arab-Israeli Peace

On prospects for Arab-Israeli peace, 7 percent said the chances have increased compared to a year ago, 33 percent said they decreased, and 56 percent said they stayed the same.

AJC is a 501(c)(3) not-for profit, non-partisan organization that neither endorses nor opposes candidates for elected office. AJC has commissioned surveys of American Jews for many years on a range of key questions as a contribution to better understanding of the American Jewish community.


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After we, the leftists, takeover the Democratic Party and America with the reelection of Obama, it's only a matter of time until the left-wing, secular ideology spreads though out America in poitical, social, and educational institutions. With Obama being reelected, he will have the power and flexibility to further transform America and downsize America's influence and power around the World and to downsize America economically. Our power within the Democratic Party with removing God and support for Israel from the Democratic Platform shows the extent and power of the left-wing ideology within the Democratic Party. Israel's days are numbered and Obama will see to it. As this poll indicates, most Jews do not support Israel as a high priority and will not mourn the destruction of Israel.


Nice try, guy above, lying Republicans, nothing new. they are trying to steal the vote, they are denying rights to VETS, they are trying enforce their Christian God into our politics and schools, they are bullying others to get their way, and worst of all they are trying to pretend they're something their not.
As a Russian, Jewish, American, i came to the US in 1979, when I was two. We came here because of freedom of religion and the possibility to succeed. It makes me so angry to see how this country is changing. Trying to enforce another religion's view point onto politics, education, and basic human rights. As immigrants we know more than most how important human rights are. we know that pushing your religion or beliefs on others causes pain, misery and even death.
Though I support Israel, I won't support starting another war over threats. At this moment, Israel is not in danger of attack, The Republicans are trying to scare everyone to win votes. But the truth is, attacking Iran, at this moment, is a bad idea. We all know that. Waiting for sanctions and other measures, is a much smarter idea. The same goes for the Middle East, as Jews we have to show restraint and patience. The World is always watching was, and we know it.
So, really it's what we know is right in our hearts.

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