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Florida Dems' dilemma: Sink with the rank-and-file, Crist with the money men

Crist and SinkAn image that speaks volumes about the potential looming Democratic gubernatorial primary between Alex Sink and Charlie Crist: Last night Sink and hubbie Bill McBride sat in the arena with Florida delegates watching the speakers.

Crist, meanwhile, was shmoozing in the luxury suites with the Democratic big wigs. We hear he also hung out at the Ritz for awhile with Kirk Wager, Florida Finance Chairman of the Crist campaign (who says he merely bumped into him at the bar, though "I do like him). Today CNN's Peter Hamby chatted with the former Republican as he left a DNC national finance committee meeting.

The former governor has steered clear of the delegates and party activists in Charlotte. Most of them show little enthusiasm for Crist, who generally show little enthusiasm for his running for governor, let alone getting a speaking gig on the final night of the convention. No, the enthusiasm for Crist mostly comes from the Obama campaign.

Sink still has plenty of support among the grass roots, though Obama advisers surely remember how she essentially blamed Obama for her loss two years ago.

Buzz asked Sink this morning about running against Rick Scott, and she said she is in no rush to make a decision.

"I've been very encouraged by being here, oh my gosh," Sink said. "A lot of people are telling me I should run."

The conversation went like this:

Q: I heard that a senior Charlie Crist adviser spoke to you in the last couple months and said Crist intended to run for governor.

Sink: (long pause). Charlie has a lot to think about...

Q: But did someone from his camp tell you that.

Sink: (long pause). I had a conversation with (Crist boss, personal injury lawyer John Morgan).

Q: And did he tell you Crist is running?

Sink: (pause). Nobody's told me definitively that Charlie Crist is going to run for governor."

-- Adam C. Smith


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This Republican voted for Sink last time around, but will NEVER vote for Charlie Weasel.


Charlie had all the Money Men against Rubio and we all saw how that went. At the end of the day, voters see right through this guy.


Alex a sink became the WORST candidate ever when Scott got to lecture her about following the rules (oh, the irony) during the debates....please, she needs to sit this one out...as does Charlie...

We need a new Governor

Alex Sink ran a horrible campaign I want someone that can beat Rick Scott. I am not sure Sink can do it, she certainly had all the advantages last time and did not take advantage of them. I don't like Crist but I like anyone better than Rick Scott, if he can beat Scott I will support him.

John Perry

The SInk/McBride family have had their chance - twice - its time to go with a proven winner or a fresh face ..oh yeah and someone who can debate.


Yes. if the Florida Democrats are bright (granted that's a big if), they will put forward a fresh face as candidate, and one who has some kind of decent record in government.

But that fresh face is not Shucking Chuckles.


I'd vote for Chuck before Alex any day, & I'm a rank & file dem. he's more liberal then she is.


Alex Sink ran an awful campaign, cheated in the debates and got caught, and she needs to go away. I could care less about her MBA in Mathematics from Wake Forrest.

His time is over...

Alex and husband, Mr.Sink, are two time losers. Charlie, on the other hand, has only ever lost one statewide race. So, my fellow dems, a real conundrum. We need to beat Rick Scott but are saddled with poor choices. Devine intervention, please?

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