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Fox FL poll: Obama 49-Romney 44. Sen. Bill Nelson blowing away Mack by 14

A new Florida poll, this one from FOX, looks a lot like all the others as of late, showing President Obama nursing an inside-the-error margin lead over Republican Mitt Romney, 49%-44%.

As with the other polls, Sen. Bill Nelson looks like he’s going to blow out Congressman Connie Mack. Nelson wins 49%-35% – a 14-point margin that mirrors two previous surveys.

Unlike the other surveys, the FOX poll oversampled Hispanic voters and found Obama with a relatively comfortable lead for Obama 58%-37%. That compares to Obama’s exit-poll performance in 2008 of 57%-42% over John McCain.

Obama is still getting clobbered by the white vote, however. White voters back Romney 52%-42% (2008 exit polls: 42%-56%, Obama-McCain).

Obama appears to be winning on the issues. He’s well ahead, except in the most-crucial category: the economy, where he’s tied with Romney.

Protecting Medicare and making sure it’s there for future generations: Obama
54%- Romney 41%.

Handling foreign policy: Obama 52%- Romney 43%

Protecting the U.S. from terrorist attacks: Obama 51% -Romney 42%.

Improving the economy and creating jobs Obama 49%- 46%.


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Peter Principle

A Fox News poll, you say?

Goddamn liberal media -- always trying to help Obama.

Rob Schellinger

What the heck? The SCOAMF isn't running on any issues and has nothing to prove himself on any of these mentioned above. Handling foreign policy? Really? Ambassadors and soldiers are slaughtered and he runs off to party with Beyonce and Jay-Z? Really? Did the poll ask those 52% what the heck his foreign policy even is?

We don't have a President. We have a contender for MTV Cribs.

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