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Gov. Rick Scott mum on Charlie Crist

Gov. Rick Scott won't say whether he's concerned about a possible 2014 challenge by former Gov. Charlie Crist.

"Isn't that a hypothetical?" he asked, in response to a reporter. "My job is to be the best governor I can on the three things citizens care about. They want to make sure their child can get a good education so they can live the American dream, they want to be able to get a job so they can raise a family, and they don't want the government to make the cost of living go up."

The former Republican governor endorsed President Barack Obama in The Tampa Bay Times and praised the president in a prime time speaking slot at the Democratic National Convention, escalating rumors Crist is positioning himself to run as a Democrat against Scott.

Crist hasn't announced any candidacy, but the Republican Party of Florida launched a website and television ads criticizing Crist.



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Can't Take Anymore

About all Charlie can do is guarantee the re-election of Rick Scott. If he tries to run as a Democrat he will splinter the primary vote because there is not another viable party candidate on the horizon (no reruns Alex, please!!). If Charlie runs as an Independent he will siphon enough votes away from the Democrat nominee to assure their defeat in the general election. He should find a Tampa Bay area Congressional seat currently held by a Republican and take them on as an Independent in 2014.

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