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Gov. Scott picks superintendents to tackle schools' red tape

From the Times' Gradebook education blog:

On Tuesday, Gov. Rick Scott said he would appoint superintendents from across Florida to help find ways to reduce paperwork and red tape that hinders teachers as they strive to do their job. Today he announced the task force members. They are:

William Husfelt, Superintendent, Bay County Public School District

Robert Runcie, Superintendent, Broward County Public School District

Douglas Whittaker, Superintendent, Charlotte County Public School District

Wallace Cox, Superintendent, Highlands County Public School District

Barbara Jenkins, Superintendent, Orange County Public School District

Joseph Joyner, Superintendent, St. Johns County Public School District

Margaret Smith, Superintendent, Volusia County Public School District 

The committee is to make its recommendations within 30 days.


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Hmmm...the superintendent of the largest district in the state was not included...


Of course not, that huge backwater of misspending abuse has little business advising anyone about anything. Of course, the same thing might be said of the Broward Co. super, Runcie--given that Broward likes to way overpay for school construction jobs, which benefit politically-connected cronies.

The point is that after a school bureaucracy--a public educrocracy--reaches a certain size, it really doesn't matter much. The paper work, and the state required paper work, comes from two sources: the State Dept. of Education and the school district. Both bureaucracies are full of bureaucrats who, at the end of the day, have zero to do with teaching any student anything.

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