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Gov's 'listening tour' of parents and teachers to be closed events

Gov. Rick Scott embarks on his "listening tour" of parents and teachers today at Pinedale Elementary in Jacksonville this afternoon and, while film crews are encouraged, the event is invitation only and will be closed.

"We want everybody in that meeting to express whatever ideas or concerns that they have,'' said Lane Wright, Scott's spokesman. People are relucatant to do that "with cameras rolling," he said.

The media will be allowed to talk to the governor after the event and will not be barred from interviewing parents and teachers "after the event,'' Wright said. Students from each of the schools will be invited to shoot the event as well but will also be "escorted out,'' he said, "because it is a closed event."

Scott is scheduled to be at Boca Raton High School on Tuesday for the second day of his tour and in the Orlando area on Thursday where he will attend the Ocoee Middle School and Fern Creek Elementary School, the school that as the highest number of homeless students in the state.



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Where is "Freedom of the Press?" As inconvenient as it might be, it is necessary in a free democracy! Shame on these tactics! It reminds me of ex-VP Dick Cheney meeting behind closed doors with the oil companies who would not answer any questions. This only means one thing and that is there is something to hide!




Maybe if the Herald reporters were less busy trying to "listen," they'd be more busy "editing."


You idiots, RELUCATANT is a real word. Reporters never make mistakes, just ask them.

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