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Guess who's coming to dinner? It's those teachers union types

Gov. Rick Scott has extended the olive branch to the state's largest teachers union and tonight has an closed-door dinner with leaders of the Florida Education Association at the governor's mansion.

Invited from the FEA, according to sources outside the governor's office, are:

* Andy Ford, FEA president; 

* Clara Cook, FEA treasurer;

* George Williams, FEA minority affairs director and the lead plaintiff in the union's lawsuit against the state for reducing worker pay three percent to pay to offset the state's contribution to the pensionn fund 

* Mark Castellano of the Lee County teacher's association

* Terrie Brady, president of Duval Teachers United

* Karen Peek, president of the Okaloosa County Education Association


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Today's teachers unions promote teachers' ideas on how to improve public education. As the gap between America's rich and poor widens, the ideas that unions bring to school boards and legislators help to strengthen public education's role as "the Great Equalizer."

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