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How the RNC's Florida ACORN moment helped Barack Obama

President Barack Obama has received unexpected help from the unlikeliest of quarters: The Republican National Committee.

Devoted to bashing Obama, the RNC gave the president’s reelection campaign a political contribution of sorts by insisting that state parties, such as Florida’s, hire a vendor that’s now under investigation for voter-registration fraud by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement in as many as 10 counties involving at least 220 suspect forms.

Remember all that talk from Republicans about voter fraud?

Well, it ain’t just for ACORN anymore.

Now, instead of being on offense against Obama, Republicans are playing defense over voter-registration fraud. Some organized Republican voter-registration drives have virtually ground to a halt as Republicans fired the firm, Strategic Allied Consulting, in seven battleground states.

It’s such a mess that the Republican Party of Florida has filed an elections complaint against the Strategic Allied Consulting, which then turned around and bashed…. The Republican Party of Florida.

“When the Republican Party of Florida chose to make likely libelous comments about our effort and stated that the Republican National Committee suggested us as the vendor, the RNC was put in the unenviable position of ending a long-term relationship for the sake of staying focused on the election,” a company statement said this week.

“While we wish their comments yesterday would have more accurately addressed the situation, we understand the logic of ending distractions and winning elections. We wish our friends there nothing but success going forward,” the statement said.

The Florida Democratic Party couldn’t have paid for such a result: The RPOF bashing an RNC vendor that turns around and bashes RPOF for slander.

Way to go, RNC.

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sandy hue

How about Governor Rick Scott


If you want to know how the Republicans will deal with Romney's failing campaign read:


Benjamin Bursey

In the words of Mrs Romney, "STOP IT"

Jay Arr

The RNC has always been about dirty tricks. And when they get caught, the answer is always, "I'm not a crook." Tricky Dick Nixon.

voice of america

so someone planted a few people and had them fill out fraudulent registrations and then pointed the finger at the rnc like it was all their doing.

i guess if you are that desperate at this point we should not be surprised at all.

the president sure has had a fun ride as entertainer-in-chief while the rest of the country struggles to get by. i have never seen a president make so many jokes and plug his agenda using so many tv show appearances. i guess there is nothing like the media giving him even more free advertising.

it is however, one of the best infomercial performances that i have ever seen. convince people they need what you are selling and get them to sign up before they find out that they have been tricked and it was all smoke and mirrors.

you at least have to give them credit for the apple-ish way they have marketed themselves to win the election.

a lot of people are easily convinced with very little actual fact required to sway them.

Bubba Baxer

Hardly an acorn moment. The Rnc, hired an outside contractor who had an employee not conducting his job as ordered. The RNC found out about the problem and immediately fired the company. this was the proper way to handle it and it is handled. They Acorn group was advising people to carry out welfare fraud, medicare fraud, voter registration fraud, and many other illegal activities. They DNC at the time embraced Acorn and fully supported it even after the facts came out. how is ths the same..??


this news outlet is nothing more than a liberal blog trying to pass itself off as a legitimate bunch of reporters. In fact they are just part of the lapdog media who will say anything against the GOP to get themselves in print. What a bunch of hippie hacks.


The real source of voter fraud in Florida, and probably many other states, is absentee voting.

This is just the tip of a very big iceberg.

It used to be that Republicans won elections by offering better candidates, better ideas, and more responsible governing.

Sadly, they have too often turned to the ugly mechanics of vote manipulation in the trenches. And no, that doesn't mean that Democrats don't do it as well. It just means that the Republicans have been doing it longer and are better at it.

And the corrupt outfits like this one have made huge piles of money--off of the party faithfuls' contributions--largely with little results to show for their machinations.

Alaska Fishing Guide

My understanding is that under Bush this same outfit use to collect registrations and throw away all the registrations for Democrats they collected. Actually shredded them. Let me just say that again just because you offer registration doesn't mean you automatically get on the voting rolls so as with Acorn this groups bad behavior was found out. That isn't voter fraud. It is only illegal registration by breaking the rules.


The RNC knew Sproul had a questionable reputation among businesses paid to shore up voter registration in swing states but chose to use and pay him anyway.

Now that his unethical behavior has been proven(see Fox video), many bloggers only retort is to blame Obama for something he has allegedly done.

Simply put, these people have no reasonable defense for Sproul's actions so they reply with the same old tired refrain, "I know you are but what am I?".


Robert Jenkins

Here's an interesting bit of information, I heard regarding "who" discovered this fraud. The S.O.E.O. in Palm Beach gave the RPOF a 24 hour window to react to what the S.O.E.O. found out "first". Had not the RPOF, reacted swiftly and as advised by the elections office; the F.B.I., was going to be informed. Now the R.P.O.F. acts like a child caught stealing cookies from the jar. Hey wait man; honesty;, I was going to share these bits of information before we were found out, really. I was going to tell you right after I poured a big glass of milk to eat the cookies with.

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