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Jim Greer on RPOF's campaign against justices: 'Floridians should be scared to death'

At least one Republican doesn't like the GOP's decision to oppose the merit retention of three Florida Supreme Court judges.

In a statement released Monday night, former Florida GOP Chairman Jim Greer said the party "has no business interfering or attempting to manipulate the makeup of the Florida Supreme Court or the state's judiciary."

Greer said the move is just the latest in a series of steps taken to punish those who uphold constitutional protections that don't match the party leadership's "it's our way.''

"Floridians should be scared to death,'' Greer added. "As chairman, I never would have permitted it, it's wrong and needs to be stopped.''

"If these justices are removed, their political-lackey governor gets to appoint their replacements. They're abusing their power to stack the deck in favor of their otherwise indefensible defense to Jim Greer on the court which will ultimately decide their fate. It's an unimaginative page straight from 'The Pelican Brief.' "

Party officials aren't likely to listen. Greer is charged with stealing about $200,000 from the party with a phoney fundraising company. He faces trial on multiple felony counts in February.

Lucy Morgan, Tampa Bay Times Senior Correspondent


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Wicked Tuna

So the Florida Constitution provides for the merit retention process and for freedom of speech. When someone exercises their freedom of speech to address the merit retention of specific judges, Jim Greer says it's wrong.

I guess my first question is why is Jim Greer dropping press releases when he should be preparing for his own pending criminal trial on fraud and theft charges? Does he really think we care what he thinks about any issue?

Tom Francis

jim greer is right on here ! if this was vegas i would bet my farm there is no trial . The state is going to fold when the judge orders the state to pay mr greers tab on the rpof document and email . $105,000 . dollars plus mr greer legal cost . The ripof knows this and there are so happy . Let me do the press release now , " in these hard times , the state can not afford to pay these bills" The RPOF is playing this out long and smart . If I had the money i would pay for it . I would love to see all the dealings of this band of Republican maggots !

Tom Francis

Oh and for the record , Mr Greer is 100% innocent ! I would like to remind everybody that Dean Cannons law firm did all the inc work for Mr Greers Company . Mr Cannon also was the only one who during the depos told the truth and said he did not know why the RPOF did not pay Mr Greer . Mr Greer is going to get a very big pay day from the RPOF . Even when the state drops the Criminal charge , Mr Greers law team is going to get a court order to turn over the RPOF emails and all Rpof for years . Plus the movie deal Mr Greer is working on is huge .



Thanks for your unbiased and learned opinion. Calling people 'maggots' is always helpful in advancing civil debate.


I could totally believe that Jim Greer could be guilty of money laundering. I have had the disgusting first-hand observation of Mr. Greer as he assumed the position of running Keewees Entertainment in Winter Springs. Mr. Greer runs this establishment like Hitler. Him an his family eat there on a daily basis, his kids have free run of the place, annoying paying customers trying to eat, recently he had his wifes birthday party there, along with about 20 guests, all compt for free. I wonder if the owner, Mr. Keay, knows just how much the Greer family is costing him each day, not to mention the Makers Mark whiskey Jim consumes on a daily basis. We cant wait til February! Maybe he should stop making kids and put the little woman to work!

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