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Marco Rubio cuts Medicare-centric testimonial ad for Romney, Ryan

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, one of the state's most-popular politician, has cut an ad touting presidential candidate Mitt Romney's Medicare plans, which came under fire after he picked Congressman Paul Ryan as a running mate. This ad is in English, but there's a good chance Rubio cut one in Spanish as well.

While the ad mentions the Romney-Ryan plan, which revolves around a subsidy for future seniors to buy private health insurane, the plan itself has yet to be defined in detail.


The script:

SEN. MARCO RUBIO: “Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan get it. Medicare is going broke.”

VIDEO TEXT: “Marco Rubio”

 SEN. MARCO RUBIO: “That’s not politics. It’s math. Anyone who wants to leave Medicare like it is, is for letting it go bankrupt. My mother’s eighty-one and depends on Medicare.”

VIDEO TEXT: “The Romney-Ryan Plan”

VIDEO TEXT: “Preserving Medicare For Our Seniors”

VIDEO TEXT: “Strengthening Medicare For Our Future”

SEN. MARCO RUBIO: “We can save Medicare without changing hers, but only if younger Americans accept that our Medicare will be different than our parents’, when we retire in thirty years. But after all they did for us, isn’t that the least we can do?”

MITT ROMNEY: “I’m Mitt Romney, and I approved this message.”