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Mitt Romney's Spanish-language Yo Pagué ad criticizes Obama over Medicare

 Mitt Romney releases another Spanish-language ad, this one criticizing President Obama for cutting future Medicare expenditures to fund Obamacare. The ad neglects to mention that Romney's running mate, Paul Ryan, supported equivalent Obamacare cuts in Congress. The distinction: the argument that the Medicare cuts funded Obamacare, which it did and it didn't. More here on that.

The script:

VOICEOVER: “For years, we have paid into Medicare with our work…”

 VIDEO TEXT: “We Paid For Medicare”

 VOICEOVER: “Now, when we need it…”

VIDEO TEXT: “When We Need It”

VOICEOVER: “Obama has cut 716 billion from Medicare.”

VIDEO TEXT: “Obama Cut $716 Billion From Medicare”

  • According To The Nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, Obamacare Cuts $716 Billion From Medicare. (Congressional Budget Office, Letter To Speaker John Boehner, 7/24/12)

 VOICEOVER: “To pay for his Obamacare.”

VIDEO TEXT: “To Pay For Obamacare”

VOICEOVER: “The money we have paid to guarantee our healthcare…”

VIDEO TEXT: “The Money For Healthcare”

VOICEOVER: “…will be used for a new program…”

VIDEO TEXT: “New Program”

VOICEOVER: “…that’s not for us.”

VIDEO TEXT: “That’s Not For Us”

VOICEOVER: “Romney’s plan protects Medicare benefits for today’s seniors and

strengthens it for future generations.”

VIDEO TEXT: “Romney Protects Medicare”

MITT ROMNEY: “I’m Mitt Romney, and I approve this message.”