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Obama plays the Sotomayor card in Spanish-language (Central FL/Puerto Rican?) ad vs. Romney

On the heels of two third-party Spanish-language ads, President Obama has released yet another one that's only running in Florida. Called "Foot the Bill," the spot is aimed squarely at the Puerto Rican voters of Central Florida. The ad also might mark a first in this race: There's not much misleading about it.

Another ad, which is slated for Florida, Colorado, Nevada, Ohio, and Virginia, is narrated by TV personality "Cristina" and has a more general message about the economy. Called "No Way," it seeks to keep blame for the bad econonmy on President Bush.

The script for Foot the Bill:

I’m Barack Obama and I approve this message. My name is Nydia. I’m an attorney and a “Boricua” (slang for Puerto Rican) I want to talk to you about Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. When she was nominated by President Obama, we all celebrated – Puerto Ricans and all Hispanics. But Mitt Romney was opposed to Sotomayor. He offended me when he stated he would have voted against her nomination. … and now he wants our vote for President? Mr. Romney, the time has come to pay the bill (FYI - this is a common Hispanic colloquial saying that is not personally offensive in Spanish)

And the script for No Way:

Let’s talk facts. When President Obama took office our economy was on the verge of disaster. Hundreds of thousands of Americans lost their jobs every month. The policies of the last Republican President were disastrous. Obama stopped the crisis and we are recovering. And now Romney and Ryan ask us to return to the policies that CAUSED the crisis. Back to the future? No way. Forward…. with Obama! POTUS: I’m Barack Obama and I approve this message