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Obama super PAC uses Romney's Boca-manse comments about the poor in new ad

The Obama Super PAC Priorities USA is using the secret recording of Republican Mitt Romney's controversial fundraiser remarks in a new ad designed to make the presidential candidate look like an anti-middle class tax raiser. The ad is running in Florida and five other swing states.

Romney has been on the defensive for two days now, and chances are he'll do a little more explaining in the next couple days. Story here.

In saying Romney "will make things even tougher, raising taxes taxes by up to $2,000 to give multi-millionaires a $250,000 tax break," the ad is guessing what Romney's tax plan will do. Romney has said he won't raise taxes on anyone. But he also won't explain how his tax plan will work and balance the budget.

The Romney camp response: “The facts are President Obama’s policies have led to record unemployment, increased poverty, falling incomes, and more uncertainty for the middle class. At every turn, even as families struggle, the President’s policies have fallen short, while growing government and increasing the debt. Mitt Romney’s plan will create greater prosperity among all Americans as opposed to redistributing it.  Governor Romney will unleash the private sector, create 12 million jobs, and move our nation in the right direction.” – Jeff Bechdel, Romney Spokesperson



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the truth

Two chooses ,rob from the poor,the middle class,allowing the wealthy to add to there greed chest ,a second a third home abroad ,a bigger ship,a jet,etc; or ask those very wealthy to pay a fair share in taxes. The G in gop should not stand for Greed.A leader must represent all american,s Not pander to the select few ,who are wealithy

Mel L.

Our tax structure has always been weighed by the haves and the haves not. This is nothing new.

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