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Obama SuperPAC, union release Spanish-language ads that make Romney sound callous

It's getting close to Hispanic heritage month's kick offf. Let the ads continue.

Here's the latest from Service Employees International Union and Priorities USA Action, which released TV and radio spots (which are already playing in Miami) that take Romney to task for some of his statements about the DREAM Act, the poor and "being able to fire people." Some of the statements ("I like being able to fire people") are taken out of context in that Romney made the comments in reference to supporting a free market. Still, when placed in context with his other comments and the corporate downsizing that happened while he was at Bain Capital, it's understandable that some people might take Romney literally.


From a press release:

The new television and radio ads are part of the groups’ $4 million campaign running in key battleground states of Colorado, Florida and Nevada. Other ads from the campaign focus on Mitt Romney's own words about Medicare, immigration, housing foreclosures and the middle class.....


SCRIPT: SEIU/COPE & Priorities USA Action Ad in Spanish


ANNCR:  Mitt Romney has said clearly what he would do in case of winning: 

ROMNEY: First, I’m gonna cut Programs…

…If I were elected and congress passed the Dream Act, would I veto it? and the answer is yes

Voter 1: Mitt Romney is a person that looks only for his interest and his party’s interest, not for the people.

ROMNEY: I’m not concerned about the very poor…

Voter 2: He wants to take away from those of us who don’t have, to give it to those who have…

ROMNEY: I like being able to fire people who provide services to me….

ANNCR: Mitt Romney made millions while the companies he directed fired thousands of workers….

Voter 3: If Romney wins the election, it would stall the nation, it would send it backwards indeed by doing the same things that haven’t worked before.

Voter 4: Perhaps we don’t have the wealth he has, but we have dignity, we have values, we have the tools in our very hands….Our voice must be heard. 

SEIU Cope is responsible for the content of this advertisement.