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Obama's hug, Romney's "whiff"

President Obama got a hug and a lift. Mitt Romney had a swing and a miss.

The performance of the Democratic and Republican candidates in Florida last week told the tale of two campaigns. One feels a surge. The other looks troubled.

That’s not just a matter of appearance. Polls show Obama clinging to an inside-the-error-margin lead in Florida. The polls really start to matter now as undecided voters focus on the race and upcoming debates.

Public opinion will certainly change in these final two months. But the performances of the two campaigns last week in Florida give an indication of what could be in store.

Obama’s Florida highlight: A Republican pizza shop owner who hugged the president and lifted him off his feet in Fort Pierce last Sunday.

Romney’s Florida highlight: An uncomfortable Wednesday press conference in Jacksonville where he faced questions about “politicizing” the violent deadly protests on an embassy and consulate in Cairo and Benghazi, Libya.

“He looked defensive,” said one Florida Republican campaign veteran, echoing others who didn’t want to speak on the record for fear of publicly breaking party codes of silence so close to an election. “It just didn’t look good.”

Romney didn’t sound quite right, either.

Romney claimed that Obama’s administration “sympathized” with the attackers when the Cairo embassy issued statements that “apologize for American values.”

Romney’s use of the word “sympathized” is strained. But there’s no persuasive evidence of any “apology” in the statements issued by scared staffers facing an angry mob in a foreign land. An embassy staffer, amid the protests, denied this very claim on Twitter: “We did not apologize to anyone because we did nothing” wrong.

Dictionary accuracy aside, Romney’s comments hit the right notes with conservatives who blasted the press for focusing on their candidate’s misstatements.

But few could offer cogent defenses of what Romney said. They don’t want to talk much about Romney. Republicans want the election focused on Obama, a referendum on the president.

Democrats want what they call a “choice” election, a selection between Obama and Romney (and perhaps Libertarian Gary Johnson).

The Republican candidate helped the Democrats along by making misleading and inflammatory statements that drew attention to Romney.

“It was a missed opportunity. Mitt had it teed up, and he whiffed it,” another Florida Republican said. “I still think Romney wins Florida because the president has performed so horribly in this economy and a lot of seniors don’t want him and this is a foreign-policy failure. But this didn’t help.”

In wanting to make the president look like an appeaser, Romney decide to forgo the conservative narrative that Obama under-delivered on his 2009 speech in Britain where the president boasted of the “restoration of America’s standing in the world.”

What warnings did the U.S. have about the attack in Benghazi? Why was an ambassador — the first killed since 1979 — not more heavily protected in dangerous Libya? Why did Obama wait so long to comment on what happened? Was enough done to prepare for attacks on Sept. 11?

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This next election will be interesting to say the least. Do you know why Sarah Palin's bus tour was really canceled last year? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she's not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin isn't in this race because too many people now know the truth. She was planted as McCain's running mate with no intention of winning.

Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the BIGGEST cover up in world history.


Wow, did we look at 2 different Romney Press Conferences? Romney looked and acted Presidential. He merely criticized the Obama administration's position (that the WH later retracted) from the Embassy whom apologized for offending any Muslims. Ah, no, we have free speech.
Instead of blaming Romney for a made up 'misstep' the 'press' (I use that term lightly) should be asking when the the WH know an attack was coming and why it was ill prepared for such an attack on 9-11?



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Romney is a member of a cult that says the New Testament is false and all Christians are bound for eternal damnation. Three Gods on three planets? WTF!?

Les Moor

“He looked defensive,”...“It just didn’t look good.”

He looked like he had just pooped a little into his magic underwear.

It's curtains for Mittens, but he continues to flip-flop on into obscurity.

Armand Winter

Recently admitted to Augusta, Darla Moore and Bush were part owners in the Texas Rangers. Darla Moore was credited with removing current Florida Governor, Rick Scott as CEO of HCA because Darla's husband owned HCA.

Scott left the 7th largest employer in the US with a golden parachute worth $500 million. Then Bain came in and cleaned up the mess after the 14 felonies and $650 million in fines.

Why wasn't Rick Scott ever convicted of MedicAid and Medicare fraud?

All the money grubbers of the GOP want to be heir apparent to the Bush crime family especially Romney.

Romney has been in on it all this time.


Let us not attack Frm. Gov. Romney's religion, he may be of LDS origin, but I think that the President of the LDS church has stated that we need balance in our government. This was before Frm. Gov. Romney started running for presidency. Now if you want to attack him on his ideals, policy, eithics, and background then be my guest. However, to blatantly attack a religion based on the actions of one man is going to be problematic.


If the lefties want to talk about who goes to what church and what their preachers preach, then I reckon they want to resurrect Barack's old preacher--the "God d**n America" dude.

But what will lose this election for the Republicans is two things:

1) Obama's folks will simply point out that the bankers screwed up the economy, and now the R's want to put a banker (Romney) in as President, and

2) Despite this candidate problem, Romney might be able to win, except that the campaign "geniuses" around him--who truly appear to be a pile of stinking morons--are screwing up the campaign by the numbers.

In this last idiotic move, they had Romney make a statement about the embassy fiasco way too early. Had they taken some time to focus a better attack, Romney could have used this event to good effect. But the nimrods surrounding him rushed him into action.

Do these "geniuses" not realize that when a major party candidate for President speaks on an event of national significance (oh, I don't know, something like radical religious yahoos murdering our ambassador), it will be newsworthy and reported whether it happens that night, the next day, or three days later?

Perhaps they are being suckered into and misused by the supposedly important 24/7 information-technosphere of the internet, which is not nearly as important as the blogocrats and media-technos and net-ad-schlockers want folks to believe.


Is this an election for President or America's got Talent? Who cares if he "looks good" or is "likeable". Can he get us out of this financial mess? Obama clearly can't. He's made it worse. Give Romney a chance.

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