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Parental advisory: Samuel Jackson's WTFU video bashes Mitt Romney, Dem apathy

Will this video go viral or is this just more liberal same-old from actor Samuel L. Jackson? The WTFU2012 is, interestingly enough, from a group called Jewish Council for Education and Research.


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Alberto Downing

Sure... WHATEVER it takes to get in front of people's faces right?! Even PROFANITY!!! NIce! They'll do ANYTHING!!!

Vickie L. Hood

I think this is a disgrace. I can not believe any one
in their right mind would think this was anything but
a racist video against a good Christian man. God help

Janice Garfeild

I'd hardly call Romney "a good Christian man." He's a Mormon,the Mormons were physically kicked out of the Christian church in the 1800's, forced to leave the coast and after being kicked out of several colonies, settled in what is now Utah. Now if you want to talk racism, the Mormon church did not allow non-white members until 1968, during the Civil Rights movement. God has done all he can for them.

Kevin B. Lenning

If we are all TRULY in this great melting pot together, for as long as the infirm, aged and indigent suffer, we collectively suffer and are not all that we can aspire towards. While not my brother's keeper, I AM my brother's helper when asked and able. All we learned in kindergarden and the "do unto others" Golden Rule are what we need to act upon, to continue to be the Greatest Civilization ever - Where is YOUR heart at with what you know ???


from a mother of (4) 6yrs & under, that was absolutely offensive & borderline Natzi terroristic!! To the American society that actually PAY taxes, we are smarter than this ... stop this entitled poor me give me free money, free bama phones, free bamacare socialist movement - our great USA is the last frontier of true freedom & democracy !! Please, don't be fooled by mainstream news ie NBC that bama has the votes...it's a fool's tactic on early voters...We can save America...For our Children...For our Grandchildren & Great Grandchildren...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get out & vote to save what our founding fathers fought for - a FREE AMERICA - NOT a SOCIALIST society!!


You ruined an important message with the foul language. What a shame, as everything you said...needs to be said, and with someone people will pay attention to. However, I can not share this as I oppose your encouraging a young girl to use that kind of language. It was not neccessary to make your point. Whom ever thought this was a good idea, was sorely mistaken.


great message, however the "f&^%" word should be replaced by something no offensive to too many.


You Americans need a slap across the face sometimes, to get you to WTFU. Obama certainly isn't a 'socialist', 'Nazi propagandist' nor a 'communist '- seek a dictionary for these definitions. I'm from the U.K and we have National Healthcare, a well informed public via the BBC, and a far more democratic system. Obama, although not perfect, is a far superior choice for America. All politicians have to pander, somewhat, to some demographic. But let's face it Romney is a COMPLETE moron, Mormon. He's like a richer version of Bush. No clue of international politics, or regions, thinks half of Americans are scroungers including: the elderly, veterans, and students among others.

Ultimately, If you vote for a guy who thinks that opening up aeroplane windows when there's a fire on board to "let in more oxygen" is right for President, you need to turn off Fox 'News', and go have a word with yourself.

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