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Paul Ryan to Little Havana: 'We will be tough on Castro'

U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan got the Cuban exile seal of approval Saturday at a campaign rally in Little Havana where he pledged to hold a hard line against the Castro regime.

The Republican vice presidential candidate did not mention that he once opposed the U.S. trade embargo against the island, but he pointed to his change of heart — prompted by Miami’s current and former Cuban-American Republicans in Congress, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Lincoln and Mario Diaz-Balart.

“They’ve given me a great education — lots of us in Congress — about how we need to clamp down on the Castro regime,” Ryan told supporters at the Versailles restaurant. “We will be tough on Castro, tough on [Venezuelan President Hugo] Chávez.”

Ryan, a Wisconsin congressman, has voted against the embargo at least three times. The Midwest tends to see trade opportunities in agriculture with Cuba.


Ryan began supporting the embargo in 2007 as he started to ascend the House Republican leadership ranks. And on Saturday he began criticizing President Barack Obama’s policies toward the island. The Obama administration has made it easier for families and certain groups to travel and send money to Cuba.


Ryan said he and GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney would take a different approach.

“We will not keep practicing this policy of appeasement,” Ryan said. “We will be tough on this brutal dictator.”

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joe blow

Great thing these old dinosaurs are DYING OFF! These idiots are still living in a time warp.
Won't these dumbF's ever elect anyone different? Diaz Balart, Ros-Lehtinen? Talk about anachronisms from sixty years ago.


I glad the Mitt Romney win Florida and all swings states,I tkink is on Obama election againt Obama,because the American people will Reward you voting.If they understand has done a good job for the people ,in these four years or they will Pass the Bill. I hope the peoples see tomorrow the film in Fox at 9 pm Obama Root 2016 and to relaize what kind of lider this nation decided tochoose in 2008,in the american re-elect him they will have to moum tears of blood.God Bless America.!!!!!!

joe blow

ada: you are a retard!

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