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Pro-Cuba travel sentiment at the Democratic National Convention

Image002Here's something you don't see at the Republican National Convention: An activist holding up a sign calling for more travel to Cuba. President Obama loosened travel and monetary-remittance restrictions to Cuba. But under Helms-Burton, travel to Cuba isn't free and easy (and, of course, once you're in Cuba you're subject to the whims of the dictatorship).

Public opinion surveys indicate that support for Cuba restrictions is thawing. But the Republican base in Miami-Dade County, where 72 percent of the GOP is Hispanic and overwhelmingly Cuban, still favors a hardline stance.


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Tally Folly

Abierto es mejor


Well, does it surprise anyone that the DNC had a "Castro" speak on the first night of their convention. (Yes, I realize that kid from Texas named Castro is not one of "those" Castros)


What USA democracy the Americans talk about whilst to run for Presidency you need to be pretty wealthy...on top of that, just two parties runs the country...hahahahahah

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