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Rick Scott gets Bobby Jindal's spox, Melissa Sellers; Brian Burgess to RPOF

A whole lotta switching around in Gov. Rick Scott's administration, where Melissa Sellers becomes his new spokesperson. It's a good hire. Having been by Gov. Bobby Jindal's side in Louisiana through hurricanes and the oil spill, Sellers knows how to handle disaster, which is a constant state of affairs in Florida politics.

The press release:

Tallahassee, Fla. – The Governor's office announced today that Governor Rick Scott's longtime aide, Brian Burgess, will leave his post as Director of Communications to lead the media relations and communications efforts at the Republican Party of Florida beginning September 17th.  Burgess has worked with Scott in various communications and media relations roles for nearly four years. Beginning in January 2009, he served as a consultant with CRC Public Relations, which spearheaded the media strategy for Rick Scott’s Conservatives for Patients' Rights, and later assisted then-candidate Scott during his campaign for governor. 

“From the very beginning, Brian has been by my side as a strategic and political adviser, a trusted aide, and loyal member of my team,” said Governor Scott.  “His strong work ethic, strategic advice and leadership will be missed inside the administration, but he isn’t going far.  In his new role, he will continue to help tell the story to Floridians and the nation about what we’re accomplishing every day.”  

In conjunction with the move, Governor Scott announced that Melissa Sellers will begin serving as communications director for the Governor’s office on September 10th.  Sellers most recently served as the Director of Regional Media for the Republican National Convention in Tampa.  Before that, she served as communications director for Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal during his campaign for governor in 2007 and his first term in office.  Sellers led the development of the Governor’s messaging during Hurricanes Gustav and Ike, the catastrophic Gulf oil spill in 2010, and multiple state budget shortfalls.  She also helped bring national attention to Governor Jindal’s reform of state ethics laws and regulations, which have paved the way for Louisiana to become one of the fastest growing economies in the South.

Governor Scott added, “We have an ambitious agenda to create more jobs and opportunity for the hard working people of Florida and while we have made important progress already, there is a lot of work still ahead of us.  Melissa will bring experience and valued insight to our mission and we are excited to have her join our team.”  


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Tally Folly

UBER FAIL, Lets hire the communications director for the Republican with the lowest approval rate in the state...


So this is the time to move the Gov's main mouthpiece over to the Republican Party to get ready for the coming campaign for Scott's reelection as governor.

I'm thinking we may be seeing, after this year's election, a two-year campaign for Governor.

Robert Jenkins

"Parent's Rights"? You've got to be kidding me!!! "Dead Beat" parents have refuge here in Florida!!! The Dept. of Revenue is a freaking bad joke!!! Under Gov Scott's leadership (?), the number of person's (dead beat parents) have declined markedly.


Oh Brian Burgess, so highly lauded in the pages of this Miami Herald.. brave twitter warrior, who provided a bulwark against the treasons of pesky public information requests from our liberal vulture media. You stood for all that is right in the far far - hey I mean far - right wing of your party: scorn, bitter angry sarcasm, entrenched us versus them theory of government. You are truly blessed with Jesusie truthiness, even unto your manparts. May all your avoidance of public information requests and skirting of open records laws go well in your new assignment.

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