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RPOF may have to return $10,000 in illegal contributions stemming from Buchanan case

The Republican Party of Florida is looking into returning about $10,000 in contributions that were deemed illegal and were tied to guilty pleas a Tampa developer and an accountant made yesterday in federal court.

"It is entirely appropriate to return contributions that are tainted by confirmed criminal actions of any donor," the party said in a statement to the Buzz. "In this case we are actively researching the scope of this issue and will take appropriate action once all the facts are known."

The actions follow a demand this morning by Florida Democrats, who pounced on the news that developer Tim Mobley admitted reimbursing employees for $84,300 in contributions to Rep. Vern Buchanan and $10,000 to the RPOF.

"The Republican Party of Florida should apologize for accepting these tainted funds, immediately refund the donations, and cooperate with federal authorities so that law enforcement can do it's work as they investigate the connection between the RPOF, Buchanan and these guilty individuals," said Scott Arceneaux, executive director of the Florida Democratic Party.

Democrats have also called on Buchanan to return donations. We've asked for a response.

-- Alex Leary


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Illegal campaign contributions, and now allegations of fraudulent voter registration. How is it that the party of values; is now fighting an uphill battle against the very same things they rail about? It is said in Palm beach County, 108 registrations appear to be fraudulent. If you carry that number out to "all" 67 counties; that's more than 7,000, cases of fraud!!! I have no doubt, the G.O.P., will call for hearings of the same magnitude as they did for A.C.O.R.N.!!! That will show once and for all, not only do we talk the talk, we also walk the walk!!!

Duane overholt

Everything here points right back to Vern Buchanan the leaderof the pack when it comes to campaign contributions.

Have we seen the end of the illegal acts by others supporting Vern Buchanan or has it just begun.

They say in the auto fraud industry that for every one act proven against a auto dealer in a lawsuit. There are 4 that you can't prove or stop.

Vern is a auto dealer and he knows that you do multi illegal things related to the sale and finance of a vehicle knowing that if you are caught, then either a deal can be cut or all the acts will not get caught.

Again someone follows Buchanan and will pay the price for their devotion and friendship.

Again the feds give Buchanan a walk. Or was a deal cut between the feds-Mobley and Hohl.

How many people have and will fall when Buchanan continues to stand. Who will be next.

Does all of this mean Buchanan just has a bunch of stupid, careless and uneducated bad guys around him as friends and associates. Is he just bad at picking advisors.

Or is Buchanan just a good enough con artist to pick people whom are not smart enough to protect themselves and he can get to do his illegal biding without Buchanan getting caught.

Could it be that Everyone around Buchanan are bad guys and Buchanan is a victim.

I think if other great con artists had used the defense that they were victims by association---they would not have spent a day in jail and most likely would have been elected president by the good citizens of Florida.

Do we not live in a great country..

Duane overholt

If you want to see the real Vern go to autofraudexpert.com on Monday. On front page is a audio tape of the wife of a former partner of Buchanan whom states that illegal campaign contributions with Buchanan knowledge, took place before and after her husband became a partner. That she was also ordered not to co-operate with the media or feds.

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