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Sorry, Charlie? Kendrick Meek (gov. candidate in 14?) won't tamp down talk of a rematch.

Former Congressman Kendrick Meek is no Charlie Crist fan.

When the former governor decided to run for Senate, he ultimately left the Republican Party but stayed in the race, all but ensuring a win for Marco Rubio in 2010. That helped syphon votes from the Democrat in the race, Miami Congressman Kendrick Meek.

Crist allies leaked word that Meek was being pressured by top Democrats like Bill Clinton to leave the race. That hurt even more.

Now Crist is on the precipice of running for governor again, in 2014, as a Democrat. And Meek might want a little payback.

Sure, President Obama's campaign is giddy over Crist because he's scheduled to speak at the Democratic National Convention to drive home the idea that the GOP is too extreme. But Florida Democrats aren't pleased. Among them: Meek.

When asked what he thought of Crist at the convention, Meek smiled and essentially refused to comment.

"I'm not in charge," he said. "I'm going to go get my credentials (for the convention)."

When asked if he'd run for governor against Crist, he smiled: "I'm going to get my credentials."

That would be bad news for Crist, who has goodwill among African-American voters and the teachers union. So does Meek. He's the son of black-community icon and former Congresswoman Carrie Meek. And he repeatedly took on former Republican Gov. Jeb Bush over education initiatives that Crist backed and that the union opposed.


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Tally Folly

Good for you Kendrick.
Give em hell.


Absolutely, Kendrick. Shucking Chuckles, the carnival clown of Florida politics, has zero business running for or winning the Democratic Party nomination for Governor.

And, it's way past time a decent Democrat stood up strongly to the Shuckster.

Dr. Ed Holmes

Kendrick needs to get out of the way. He would guarantee Rick Scott four more years. Kendrick cannot win a state-wide election.

Kline Goreman

Kendrick was handed his congressional seat by his mother. He couldn't get elected dog catcher in Florida City. AND....does he really think he would have a chance as governor of Florida? This state elected Scott over that woman. REMEMBER: This is still the DEEP SOUTH and there are a TON of racists amongst us. Good luck with voters in central Florida and the Panhandle. Stay out of politics, dude. You should of just stayed quiet and rode out the rest of your days sucking off the government teet as your mom's successor.

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