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Reports: State Rep. Mike Horner "named" (not arrested) in prostitution-racketeering scandal

Something's a-brewin' in Central Florida, where media reports first said that Republican Rep. Mike Horner was arrested in a prostitution/racketeering ring. Now comes the walkback, to a degree: Horner was just "named" in the bust.

Huh? Named?

Still, it's a shocker. Horner has the consummate aw-shucks nice-guy air about him.

Here's WFTV:

Officials now say Republican State Rep. Mike Horner of Kissimmee was not arrested, but only named in an investigation into another person on several racketeering and prostitution-related charges. Orange-Osceola State Attorney spokesman Randy Means says the case involves a man named Mark David Risner.\



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Frank Drebin

Woman: Is this some kind of bust?
Frank Drebin: Well it's very impressive, yes.

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