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Sternad talks to FBI: David Rivera called 'The Gangster,' secretly behind campaign

Justin Lamar Sternad, whose failed congressional campaign became the subject of a federal grand-jury investigation, has told the FBI that U.S. Rep. David Rivera was secretly behind his run for office, The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald have learned.

Sternad, 35, also told authorities that his campaign manager, Ana Sol Alliegro, acted as the conduit between the campaign and Rivera, who allegedly steered unreported cash to the Democrat’s campaign, according to sources familiar with the investigation and records shared with The Herald.

Sternad said Alliegro referred to the congressman by his initials, “D.R.,” and called him by the nickname, “The Gangster.”

“We will respond when these so-called ‘sources’ are willing to go on the record,” said attorney Michael R. Band, who represents Rivera. “We are not going to respond to unfounded rumors and innuendo. My client is in the middle of an election and it’s unfair for us to be shadow-boxing with unnamed sources.”

Sternad’s account to federal authorities supports what two campaign vendors told The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald: that the congressman was the driver behind a botched attempt to plant a candidate in the District 26 congressional primary.

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Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/09/25/3021207/rivera-ran-secret-campaign-sternad.html#storylink=cpy


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Looks like the slayer, Van Helsing, has found the coffin where the Nosferatu of Miami politics lies ... and has driven a stake into his political corpse.

All that is left now is for the creature's head to be cut off to end the night-walkers predations from the shadows.

But the question is whether the Count will flee to some Latin American country to seek asylum, claiming this is a "political prosecution by the Obama administration."

Arturo R. Pasarón

David Rivera se opone a las negociaciones de la nueva izquierda en alianza con el viejo feudalismo de EU, poder absoluto del estado con todos los derechos de propiedad hasta del trabajo ajeno) junto a los comerciantes sin escrúpulos que permiten el sostenimiento económico para la represión desde el poder robado a la democracia en Cuba. No es de extrañarse que la "administración" Obama junto a los del bando Ali Baba, traten de impedir su nominación cuando ha sido en realidad muy efectivo contra la gatica de Guardaramos.

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