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Was Charlie Crist "pro-life, pro-gun and vehemently anti-tax"? Yep -- mostly

After former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist endorsed President Barack Obama and secured a speaking spot at the Democratic National Convention, Republicans pulled out the Crist files to highlight how much the Republican-turned-independent Crist had changed in just four years.

George LeMieux, a Republican and a former Crist chief of staff, wrote a biting op-ed about Crist’s former stances.

"He never met a tax increase he liked. ... The Charlie Crist I knew idolized Ronald Reagan and embraced Reagan's view of limited government. He was pro-life, pro-gun and vehemently anti-tax. He believed big government was the enemy of success, and that when government taxed it took ‘your money.’"

In this PolitiFact item we will explore whether Crist was "pro-life, pro-gun and vehemently anti-tax."

First, we will note what Crist said of himself in February 2010: "I am pro-life, I’m pro-gun, I’m pro-family and I’m anti-tax. And I always have been." He made those claims at a Christian Family Coalition breakfast while running for U.S. Senate as a Republican. He would ditch the GOP label for no-party about two months later as he was struggling in his primary bid against Marco Rubio.


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