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Wayyyyy down in the FL Jewish vote v. Obama, conservative group plays the Netanyahu card

A new Florida poll of Jewish voters shows that more than two-thirds of them back President Obama over Republican Mitt Romney. A national poll from Gallup shows Obama pulling 70 percent of the Jewish vote.

As with last election cycle, conservative groups keep insisting that Jewish voters will flee the Democratic president. And so far, it just hasn't happened. But they'll keep advertising. And the TV stations will keep taking their money.

So it will be with Secure America Now, which already got thumped by PolitiFact for a misleading ad. It's running a new one, according to POLITICO that features Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu warning about Israel's right of self defense. The ad, for some reason, don't feature Netanyahu downplaying tensions between him and President Obama on "Meet The Press," where he was asked, in the words of Mitt Romney, if Obama has "thrown Israel under the bus."

Said Netanyahu: "There is no bus."

Next stop: Fantasyland.