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Ad: Kid grills Dorworth on witness stand

The Seminole County Democratic Party released this entertaining video about Rep. Chris Dorworth, R-Lake Mary.

The ad has Dorworth put on trial by stern-looking children who are unhappy about cuts to education.

"Your policies are hurting our schools, weakening our communities and endangering my future," says a child, grilling a Dorworth look-a-like on the witness stand. "When is it going to stop, Mr. Dorworth?" 

"When your parents stop sending me back to Tallahassee," replies the actor, smirking at the camera.

Dorworth, who is in line to be House speaker and is known for his personal financial trouble, is facing off Nov. 6 against Democrat Mike Clelland.



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Okay. Now we know what a video camera and forced child labor gets you with a production budget of $10.

joe blow

DORKWORTH is ANOTHER CORRUPT REPIGGIE and slated to become the next House speaker even though he has filed for bankruptcy, has lost millions in real estate, cheated on his wife and is now in divorce proceedings. Just perfect to lead the REPIGGIES.

DEAN WORMER to DORKWORTH: "Fat,drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son"!

Chris Duckworth

Please support Mike Clelland so this guy DOES NOT become Speaker of the House!

Chris Duckworth


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