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'Apruebo este mensaje': Presidential ads geared at Hispanics flood Miami Spanish-language TV, radio

With absentee ballots beginning to hit Miami-Dade voters' mailboxes over the past few days, the best place to go for new presidential campaign ads is Spanish-language radio and television.

 Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are trying to appeal to Hispanic voters across the state, but especially in Miami-Dade, Florida's largest county, where about 54 percent of registered voters are Hispanic. (And a whopping 72 percent of registered Republicans in Miami-Dade are Hispanic.) Across Florida, Hispanics make up 14 percent of the voter rolls.

On Tuesday, Obama put out a TV ad speaking directly into the camera -- in Spanish, something he also did in the 2008 campaign. (Obama doesn't actually speak Spanish, but his accent is decent.)

The ad, titled Buen Ejemplo (Good Example) praises young people brought into the U.S. illegally as children by their parents.

Here's our translation:

In the young people known as DREAMers, I see the same qualities that Michelle and I try to instill in our daughters. They respect their parents. They study for a better life. And they want to contribute to the only country they know and love. As a father, they inspire me. And as president, their courage reminds me that no obstacle is too great. No road too long.

Romney, meanwhile, is continuing to air spots mocking Obama's "Sí se puede" (Yes we can) slogan from four years ago. One of the ads is titled No Podemos Más (We Can't Take Anymore):

Here's our translation: 

Can we accept that half of young people don't find work after finishing college? Can we continue with more than 10 percent unemployment among Hispanics? Can we tolerate that with Obama and the Democrats there are 2 million more poor Hispanics? Can we allow the Democrats to continue pulling our leg? When Obama and his Democratic allies say, "Yes we can," we have to say, "we can't take anymore."

A version of the spot is also airing on radio, as is a version of another Romney TV ad, Legado (Legacy):

Here's our translation: 

Obama and his Democratic allies. Their great achievement: a $16 trillion debt. To pay for it, our children will owe more than $50,000. The policy of Obama and the Democrats has caused that half of young people struggling to find a job after they graduate. The legacy to our children: a debt they do not deserve -- without the jobs to pay it.

And the Romney camp continues to feature his youngest son, Craig, who speaks Spanish and in an earlier spot urged Hispanic voters to get to know his dad. A more recent spot, País de Inmigrantes (Nation of Immigrants), highlights Romney's Mexican roots. (Romney's father was born in Mexico to U.S. citizens.)

Here's our translation:

I'm Craig Romney. I'd like to tell you how my father, Mitt Romney, thinks. He very much values that we are a nation of immigrants. My grandfather George was born in Mexico. To my family, the greatness of the United States is how we all respect and help each other, regardless of where we're from. As president, my father will work for a permanent solution to the immigration system, working with leaders from both parties. I invite you to listen to him.

The Obama campaign, for its part, is also airing a TV spot, No Te Dejes Engañar (Don't Be Fooled) that begins with a snippet from this ad Florida Sen. Marco Rubio cut for Romney -- and then uses it to bash Romney on Medicare.

Here's our translation:

Don't be fooled. Romney's plan means a radical change for Medicare. Seniors would pay $600 more for prescriptions once it's implemented. And his voucher plan would mean more harm. Many seniors might have to pay out-of-pocket to buy health insurance. The truth: Romney is ready to weaken Medicare, but he's not ready to raise taxes on millionaires.

On radio, the Obama camp has a version of this ad, Decisión Clara (Clear Choice), featuring former President Bill Clinton speaking in English. (There's no subtitles or translation on radio.)

Here's our translation of the portions of the ad in Spanish:

This election is about the economy, a subject President Clinton knows well.

Facing Republican opposition, Obama doubled Pell grants, lowered taxes for the middle class and expanded loans to small businesses.

Finally, the conservative Hispanic Leadership Fund has at least two spots airing on radio. The spots don't name candidates but call on voters to vote for a "responsible government," in one case, and, in another, "for leaders who will guarantee economic growth and the creation of good jobs so that the American Dream is once again within our reach."

Here's our translation of a portion of one of the ads:

The future of our children is at risk. Our money is not enough to pay the bills, but they still insist that the economy is improving. While we suffer to sustain our families, they keep talking about hope. We deserve more than a refrain. On Nov. 6, let's vote for a responsible government.

(This post is not intended to include a comprehensive list of all Spanish-language ads, just the ones we have seen and heard most over the past few days in Miami.)