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Ben & Jerry's want to take the "dough" out of politics

Out of Burlington, Vermont-based Ben & Jerry's comes this latest plea to get big money out of politics.

The famous ice cream maker is trying to bring some awareness to the issue during the heated campaign season by having its patrons push for a constitutional amendment to forbid big dollars from campaigns.

They specifically target the U.S. Supreme Court's Citizens United decision in 2010 that gave the green light for corporations and unions to spend as much money as they want to get candidates elected, so long as they aren't working directly with the candidates. 

Ben & Jerry's teamed up with Stephen Colbert, host of Comedy Central's late-night Colbert Report, to promote their mission.

The company is shipping out containers of ice cream this month that have election streamers, an Uncle Sam hat, and a red, white and blue motif. The concotion -- the Americone Dream flavor -- was first launched by Colbert and the ice cream brothers in 2007.

"It's about the American dream," said Ben & Jerry's CEO, Jostein Solheim in a statement. "And who's a more fair and balanced voice on America's politics than the guy that we all go to for unbiased news? Stephen Colbert."

Joked Colbert in a written statement: "Let me be clear, I have nothing to do with GetTheDoughOut.org." He added that Ben & Jerry "should stick to ice cream" and that he wants more corporate money in politics.

To learn more about their mission, go to www.GetTheDoughOut.org.



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Janell H

So, Ben & Jerry's are using their significant financial clout, or "big dollars", to influence a political subject. Oh, the irony.

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