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Craig Romney, Sen. Marco Rubio talk it up with FIU students

Florida International University’s College Republicans moved the Craig Romney/Marco Rubio partisan event to the “Stadium Club” Friday morning because of an “overwhelming response from South Florida.”

A Romney supporter in the second row asked a group of students if they had seen this morning’s poll. “Sock it to them,” he said.

Sen. Marco Rubio, who also teaches a Political Science class at FIU, spoke for less than 10 minutes. He touched on government’s intervention with corporations and how more taxes limits investment.

Craig Romney spoke about his father’s role in the household, raising sons and even an anecdote about him duct-taping his shoes.

While Rubio left shortly after his speech, Romney lingered to talk to reporters and take pictures with FIU students, including members of their Student Government Association. “You think of the youth vote typically going for the Democrats,” Romney said. “You’ve seen a bit of a shift.”

-Miami Herald reporter Anthony Cave

PHOTO CREDIT: Anthony Cave

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Rivera's congressional district and it's campaign season. was Rivera there?

whats up with his campaign? who is his campaign manager?

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