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David Rivera ducks FBI-probe questions, eludes reporters by slipping out back door

Under federal investigation, Congressman David Rivera held a rare press conference Friday but he refused to discuss the FBI probe on every reporter's mind.

Rivera claimed that, since he was holding a congressional event, he couldn't talk about what he called an election issue: The allegation from two campaign vendors who say he participated in a scheme to secretly aide another candidate to undermine a rival.

“It’s very simple, as I said before, we are in an official, federal government office. Any communications that get done in this office have to be related to official government business,” Rivera told CBS4, according to its video and online story. “I think that’s the appropriate way to do this.”

NBC6 also tried to get answers from Rivera, who's being abandoned by his fellow Republicans. Rivera refused to comment. Nothing new there. Rivera will only comment on the case to select Spanish-language TV and radio reporters who have given him a pass and allowed him to misrepresent the case and the reports about it.

Reporters staked out his building, but Rivera slipped out a back entrance, they suspect.



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I wonder if the rumor is true; that Ms. Alliegro, was seen getting into a car with an F.B.I. agent in Naples, Florida? That may be one reason the talk of her being "missing" is no more. Rumor also has it she had contact from the same Naples Lawyer that sued Charlie Crist. He was the same Lawyer given such bad reviews, while being tempoary head of Citizen's insurance, for lavish spending and such.

Mike Cornelia

I too, heard about the rumor that Ms Alliegro was seen in Naples. I have a friend who is a tampa court reporter for Orange Legal. He keeps telling me how difficult it is to get a statement from Mr. Rivera. Hopefully, the FBI will release the information at some point because it would be interesting to see what they asked and how he answered.

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