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Democratic group hammers "corrupt" Rep. David Rivera in multiple mailers

Rivera 1-1The mulitlpe investigatins into Rep. David Rivera's personal and campaign finances has take a toll on him in the polls, in fundraising, on TV, among his fellow Republicans and now in the mail.

A liberal group, Friends of Democracy PAC, says it has sent out two mailers two 25,000 households in the Kendall to Key West District and it's sending one more. Rivera faces Democrat Joe Garcia and two no-party candidates Angel Fernandez and Jose Peixoto.

Here are some of the fliers:

Rivera 1-2
Rivera 2-1
Rivera 2-2
Rivera 3-2



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Very creative and funny! But Rivera is going to win anyway.


All this shows is how desperate Joe Garcia and the Democrats are! What about Joe Garcia being the most corrupt politician in Miami-Dade County? Joe Garcia gave away billions in taxpayer stimulus money to China under the Obama Admin. David Rivera was endorsed by the US Chamber of Commerce which gave him a 100% record on job creation. David Rivera has my support!

The Dog

David Rivera belongs in prison.

Sam Feldman

You are just as big a liar as Romney. You cannot prove your claim about Joe Garcia giving away to China billions of dollars because he has not had any access to any money to give away to any country. And the fact remains that David Rivera is a shady character with lots and lots of investigations and pending arrest by the federal government for his shenanigans. Your lies stink to high heaven.


do you want a congressman who will continue to fight in court and be distracted for two more years?

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