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FIU Hispanic FL voter poll: Obama 51- Romney 44

Mitt Romney is closing the gap on President Barack Obama among likely Hispanic Florida voters, a majority of whom say they’re not better off than four years ago, according to a new Florida International University/Miami Herald/El Nuevo Herald poll.

Obama is ahead of Romney 51-44 percent among Hispanics, a relatively narrow lead that could spell trouble for a Democratic campaign that’s counting on minority support as non-Hispanic white voters flock to the Republican ticket in droves.

In the rest of the country, however, it’s a different story for Obama when it comes to likely Hispanic voters.

The president wallops Romney 66-31 percent overall across the U.S., according to the poll’s national survey of 1,000 likely Hispanic voters. It was taken Oct. 10-11 along with the 720-voter poll in Florida.

The difference here: Cuban-American voters, who are overwhelmingly Republican and who appear to be increasingly excited about Romney’s campaign.

“What’s remarkable is the demographic split in Florida: Puerto Rican and Dominican and other Hispanic voters trust Obama. Cubans just don’t,” said Eduardo Gamarra, an FIU professor of Latin American studies who conducted the poll with his political research firm, the Newlink Group.

In the national and Florida surveys, Cuban voters consistently gave Obama low marks on handling the economy, immigration and foreign policy. Puerto Rican and Dominican voters said the opposite.

Momentum from Cuban voters could help other Republican candidates on the Florida ballot, particularly in South Florida.

Take out Cuban voters, and Obama wins Florida Hispanics 64 percent to Romney’s 33 percent, according to the poll, which has a 3.6 percent error margin.

Overall, 54 percent of Florida Hispanics said they were not better off than four years ago, compared to 46 percent who said they were. That’s not just a reflection of Cuban sentiment; it’s an indication of Florida’s unemployment rate, which is higher than the nation’s. And Hispanic unemployment is higher still. The number of Hispanic children living in poverty now exceeds the number of non-Hispanic white children, even though Hispanics are a minority.

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#OBAMA 2012




Obama will increases taxes on middle class people when they aren't looking.


Equal rights and no jobs. Obama is the mastermind of the death of the American economy.


Obama is your only chance of lifting the embargo and freeing Cuba from decades of irrelevance.

Yet you clowns will support Romney.


A Cuban Democrat

I am a Cuban and there is no way Iwill voting for Romney. He will only help millionaires, not the middle class. The Cuban community needs to open there eyes the republicans have not helped us and I think many younger Cubans are realizing that.


Hey Cuban Democrat, if what you say is true, why is it that the majority of Hispanics say they are not better off than they were four years ago when Obama took office? Maybe it's YOU who should be opening his eyes. Or you should listen to Marco Rubio, who has articulated this very well!


Romney is the only chance for a final push to run the Cuban communists off the island and permit restoration of a free government and the right to return.

Re-election of Obama gives the Castro government the tools it needs for another 25 years of communist oppression, with its torture and death.


The big thing is that the Cuban Republican vote will turn out in droves and the Dem Hispanics might just sit this one out, since they don't want to vote GOP and they are economically depressed by Obama's last four years. That might mean FL's ginormous 29 electoral votes would go to Mitt and give him a chance to serve the present incompetent with an eviction notice...!!!

Yvonne York

This is what Obama supporters believe:
Same sex marriage
Leviticus 20:13

If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

Abortions even after 2 months
Top Five Reasons NOT to Vote for Obama (Google it if you can't open this)

Mercy Chappelle

The problem with Republicans is that they will vote for Romney just because he "now" claims he is anti-abortion, when he used to be pro-choice. Never mind that he is going to repeal Obamacare and millions of babies that are already born will die due to lack of health care. Romney dissed the poor and less fortunate and called many who work hard but don't make enough money to pay taxes as moochers. His insult was also directed at our troops, who are fighting to save his ass, when he is all for war, but not willing to serve himself or any of his sons. He protested in favor of the draft and Viet Nam War while vacationing in France. Also, his phony tax plan will sock it to the middle class and give him and his cronies another tax cut on top of the ones they already enjoy. Only a fool will vote for Romney.

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