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FL Dems crushing Republicans in voter registration

From a Florida Democratic Party email:

FL Dems announced that we out-registered Republicans in September by 16 points, marking the 8th consecutive month that Dems have beat the GOP in voter registration. More information and a copy of the e-blast below:


September is the 8th consecutive month that Democrats have out-registered Republicans.

Democrats registered 18,063 more voters than Republicans in September, beating the Republicans by 16-percent.

In September, Democrats had a nearly 30-percent registration advantage with Hispanics. Overall, Democrats are beating Republicans in Hispanic registration by roughly 10-points.

In September, Democrats had a 21-percent registration advantage with women. Overall, Democrats are beating Republicans in women registration by roughly 10-points. I wanted you to be the first to hear some very exciting news.

Florida's September voter registration data shows Democrats' most impressive month yet: we've out-registered the GOP in Florida by over 16-percent in September, with over 43,000 new Democrats on the rolls.

Florida Democrats have built the strongest, largest ground game this state has ever seen — we are entering the final month in a strong position to win Democratic victories up and down the ticket.

Thank you for your handwork and support. We've got 29 days to bring it home and we can't let up now.

Scott Arceneaux


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Miami Mike 2

As Socrates said: “The Problem with Democracy is that the Opinions of the ignorant, and unthinking, carry equal weight with those of the Learned, and thoughtful” J.J. is living proof of that...

Then...”Democrats have lost... 1.7 million, or 3.9%, [of its registered voters] from 2008. Democratic registration has fared worse than Republicans in..., Florida...”


Now...”Since the Republican Legislature passed laws last year to regulate groups that independently register voters in Florida, Democrats have swamped Republicans in registering new voters.”


WHY?... http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=GqMVxeZhflI&feature=player_embedded

Point: The Democratic Party LOST ME (after 52 years) on 9/11/2012


I had a Life-Long devotion to the “Peoples Party!” It's hard to accept that the Democratic Party no longer belongs to “We The People,” unless you think the “Radically Wrong” ARE the PEOPLE?
After reading the Original 2012 Democratic Platform, approved by the Convention on Tuesday, September 4, 2012, I could NO Longer remain in the Democratic Party!
Between the Feminists-Nazis, Atheists, and the Homosexual Brown-Shirts, the Democratic Party has more than lost it's Moral Compass, It has lost its Soul, and any useful purpose (I.M.O.) To OMIT or attempt to omit any mention of GOD in the platform is totally UNACCEPTABLE !


Trolls all over the comments section, just like everywhere. Koch paid Trolls are vile.


Team player, you are an idiot! God doesn't need to be a part of ANY political platform! I'd be more embarrassed by the fact that Romney didn't mention the troops ONCE during his acceptance speech, and only mentioned the longest war in US history ONE TIME!

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