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Florida Republicans targeted in dirty-tricks vote campaign

The Florida Division of elections and state law enforcement officials are investigating "multiple" bogus letters sent to Florida voters to inform them that they have been flagged as suspected illegal, non-citizen voters.

"I sat there and actually had to read it a couple times because I didn't understand what it said at first," Republican Charles Callaghan of Ponte Vedra recounted to Buzz about the letter he opened Saturday. It claimed to be from the St. Johns County elections supervisor, informing him that elections officials had been informed he may be ineligible to vote and "registering to vote under fraudulent conditions or swearing a false oath are both third degree felonies in Florida."

It's an interesting twist on Florida's noncitizen voter purge, which was led by Republican Rick Scott, and was more of a threat to Democrats and independents. But now some outside group is trying to use the GOP-led effort against the GOP.

"We've received multiple reports of a fraudulent letter that impersonates supervisors of elections and indicates that eligible voters might be ineligible," said Chris Cate, spokesman for the Division of Elections. "We're working with the state's supervisors of elections as well law enforcement to identify the source of the letters and put a stop to them."

Cate said anyone receiving such a letter should contact their local elections office.

The postmark was from Seatttle Washington, as were other similar letters received across Florida.

The letters appear to be going mostly or entirely to Republicans in Florida.

“Our campaign is concerned with this situation and we are monitoring it closely," said Romney campaign spokesman Ryan Williams. "If anybody believes that they have received one of these letters, we urge them to contact their local election officials and the Florida Department of State.”

Posted by Adam C. Smith


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Sam Dobermann

This sounds like the tricks Karl Rove played in Texas. They had the letters sent to well known people who would be sure to turn them in. In fact, to those who would know what to do to get maximum publicity but not be scared off by such a letter. It is very effective at getting anyone who got a letter and all of his friends to be sure to vote.

The Romney team response seems remarkably calm. If this was a big surprise or any sort of a real threat there would be a lot more of a reaction.

I do wish the jerk doing the mailing would be caught and the whole scheme exposed.

Dustin Blevins

It's ridiculous the lengths people will go to scare voters! Unfortunately there is very little anyone can do to catch the guy using these scare tactics!

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