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Fueled by blacks and Hispanics, registered Ds now lead Rs by 536k in FL

Florida released its final voter-roll tally for the 2012 election and it has a sliver of good news for the Republican Party: It’s down by just 535,987 registered voters compared to the Democratic Party. In 2008, it was down 657,775.

Otherwise, compared to the rest of the state, the Republican Party is looking less and less like Florida, which is becoming blacker and browner. But the GOP got whiter since 2008 by 4 percent, while the state’s white voter population increased just 2 percent overall.

Overall, since 2008, Hispanics have grown 22 percent on the voter rolls. But GOP Hispanics increased just 9 percent while the Democrats’ Hispanics increased 26 percent.

An increasing proportion of Hispanics preferred neither party, increasing the No Party Affiliation ranks by nearly 36 percent. Now number more than 513,000, outnumbering Republican Hispanics by nearly 37,000. There are still more registered Democratic Hispanics at nearly 645,000.

Black voters overall grew by 10 percent in Florida, but decreased by 5 percent for the GOP and grew 9 percent for the Democrats.