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Jim Greer's wife threatens to spill the beans

The dishwasher is broken, the sink is leaking and Lisa Greer, wife of former GOP Chairman Jim Greer says she is about ready to spill the beans on people who could have helped them.

In a mid-afternoon posting on Facebook, Mrs. Greer described the family’s “Difficult situation,’’ saying they cannot afford repairs.

“To all of you who want to destroy Jim, is it worth it to you to hurt my children and I,’’ she wrote. “I wish that all of you will someday know the stress and pain and worry that you have brought on my family. Lawyers keep asking me to not speak out until the time is right, not to name names, but I can’t wait much longer to tell the secrets of those who could help us, but don’t.’’

Greer is awaiting trial in February on charges of fraud and money laundering in connection with the alleged theft of about $200,000 from party coffers. He contends the party owes him money as part of a 2010 severance agreement.

Mrs. Greer says she is now washing dishes in a bathtub and wishes those who owe them money would pay up.

“I am ashamed that I once thought of so many of you as friends, that I believed in you as the Christians and public servants you claimed to be,’’ she added.

By Lucy Morgan


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Yeah well, she and old Jim were hardly saints when the going was good for them (on the RPOF's dime).


Good its a great lesson for you to be broke mr Greer. After the lifestyle you lived on the parties money, wasting it on your fancy living, meanwhile our party was losing to obama. Its about time you learn to live within your means like people like me. Honest hard working people that try so hard to make it and to make a difference and be somebody but corrupt politicians like you keep me pushed down into poverty level income. I don't even own my own home to live at least you own a sink and a bath tube to wash your dishes in.


You do not know the entire story folks. Never judge a case on the media facts...which are seldom factual. This woman is a good person, incredible mother and not deserving of this malice.


Perhaps if they sold their 450,000 dollar home and rented a nice 3 bedroom apartment repairs would be a lot cheaper to afford...

Can't take anymore

Those throwing mud at Greer should remember that his sins with RPOF funds were exactly the same as his former pals Marcocito, Thrasher, Haridopolus, Cannon, and quite probably Gov. Charlie. They will wish they had thrown the Greers a financial lifeline if all the sordid facts come out in full. Better believe the real RPOF financial records went thru the shredder long ago. Lisa better have xerox copies if she plans to follow thru on her threats.


this case will eventually expose the corruption within the GOP. we all know it has been going on for a long time now. I personally can't wait until those responsible for destroying our great party are either removed from power or locked up forever. I pray there will be a day of reckoning for them. In the meatime we will continue to lose elections at every level in many states, for quite a time to come.


This is sad. There are hundreds of thousands if not millions of Floridians who've had to get by like this for years.

It ain't fun, but I haven't heard many of them whining about how their rich and powerful friends won't help them.

Is it possible that maybe along the way, while their lifestyle and station in life were good, they didn't truly make many real friends?

Is it possible that Greer burned or used too many people he worked for and with along the way?


The cast of characters is a virtual Who's who of the Republican Party of Florida. When one has to resort to saying, "everyone" else was involved; so it's not fair to single out this family. Did she decry "all" the "perks" she used "before" the bottom fell out? No, no she didn't!!! Of course that credit card was to buy clothes, dinners, expensive hotel stays, airfare, etc.. We were simply living the Republican lifestyle. So please, don't cry now for the things "you" and your husband squandered. Besides, when push comes to shove; you could always eneter the wittness protection program, already offered by the F.B.I.; yet you're still waiting for RPOF to pay you some "hush" money.


Think she should probably be looking at her husband.

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