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Mack pulls out the mom -- and dad -- card in new ad

Republican Connie Mack IV pulls out the mom card in a new warm and fuzzy ad featuring his mother, Priscilla Mack, who declares her son was "a good kid, a bit of a handful -- we mothers understand." An approving son and husband -- the former U.S. Sen. Connie Mack -- look at each other from the background.

"Who knew he wants to change the world? But he does,'' Pricilla says. "Who knew my other Connie can make a difference?" she adds as the camera focuses on pictures of the elder Mack, now 71.

The ad is clearly an attempt to improve Mack's image after the pummeling he received from the aggressive attack ads run by Democrat Bill Nelson.

Mom ads have been pretty effective in Florida. Gov. Rick Scott used his mother, Esther, in a successful ad campaign in the fall of 2010 to counter the beating he was getting when Democrat Alex Sink focused on the Medicare fraud charges at his former company. Esther Scott ended the ad: "He's a good boy. He'll get Florida back to work."

Democrat Jeff Greene also used his mother to help clean up his image in his run for U.S. Senate. Barbara Greene promised "My Jeff, he'll shake things up in Washington." Greene lost the nomination though, and didn't get to DC after all.



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Yeah, the commercial is pretty cheesy... Mack should simply attack Nelson for his record of big spending (billnelsonrecord.com) and his stance on foreign aid. Isn't it time we cut back on this out of control spending and kept money for ourselves?

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