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Miami archbishop sues Obama Admin. over contraception 18 days before election, notes Biden debate remarks

From the Catholic News Agency, which doesn't note the timing of a lawsuit 18 days before the presidential election:

The Archdiocese of Miami and two other Catholic entities filed a lawsuit today against the HHS mandate, adding to the dozens of lawsuits already filed in the matter.

“The HHS mandate represents a real threat … we cannot just sit back and let our religious freedoms be taken away from us,” Archbishop Thomas G. Wenski of Miami told CNA Oct. 19.

About 90 minutes after the press conference, the archidocese informed The Herald of the press conference and the attached written statement from Wenski Download Wenski

Bolstering Catholic identity and teaching what it means to be a Catholic were also on the archbishop's mind.

“I think listening to Vice President Biden's remarks at his debate when he alleged there was no problem with the Church and the administration, also underscores the urgency of the problem, that there is a problem.”


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scott huminski

Florida man sells Sheriff Arpaio litigation on Ebay



Biden caught in another lie. Where was the biased moderator on that one?


Tagg Romney's Company Misled Reporters About Its Relationship With Ponzi Scheme–Linked Firm

Lee Fang on October 12, 2012 - 8:10 PM ET

The private equity firm run by Tagg Romney—Mitt’s eldest son, misled reporters last year about its involvement with a company run by men accused of taking part in a multibillion-dollar Ponzi scheme.
Last year, I reported that Tagg had formed a business partnership with several North Carolina investors who are still facing a lawsuit for receiving bonus pay for selling CDs as part of the $8 billion Stanford Financial Group Ponzi scheme.
In a nutshell, Tagg helped these investors form a company—called Solamere Advisors, a nod to Tagg’s firm Solamere Capital—shortly after their boss, Allen Stanford, was caught by law enforcement for his elaborate Ponzi fraud.
When I interviewed him in Las Vegas, Tagg told me that his associates were “cleared” of any wrongdoing associated with the Stanford Ponzi scheme. Court documents directly contradict Tagg and show that the lawsuit has not been dismissed.

The New York Times followed up on my story with its own report and confirmed that Tagg’s business partners received incentive pay for selling bunk Stanford CDs. They wrote about one Stanford victim, a local Charlotte businessman and philanthropist named Herman Stone. Stone was pressured by Brandon Phillips, an executive working now for Tagg’s firm, into putting $2 million into a fraudulent Stanford CD and lost everything.
Solamere Capital attempted to distance itself from the story by claiming that their business was not actually connected to the Ponzi-tainted firm, Solamere Advisors. In a statement to ABC News, they claimed that their managers, not Solamere Capital itself, were involved (emphasis added):
“It is inaccurate to suggest that Solamere Capital made an investment in this firm [Solamere Advisors]. Solamere Capital was approached to invest in a new wealth management firm being launched by these three individuals. After extensive due diligence, Solamere Capital decided not to invest because the business was at an early stage and did not meet our investment criteria. However, Spencer Zwick, Tagg Romney and Eric Scheuermann each own a minority stake in the business as individual investors.”
However, Solamere Capital’s statement, provided to ABC News, is false. Disclosures from the Securities and Exchange Commission show that Tagg’s company indeed maintains ties with the Ponzi-linked firm, Solamere Advisors.
The claim that Solamere Group didn’t invest directly in Solamere Advisors, the firm employing former Stanford employees, appears to have been an attempt to shield Mitt Romney. Mitt invested about $10 million into Tagg’s Solamere Capital venture, which would suggest Mitt has a direct financial relationship with folks involved in a Ponzi scheme. That’s because Solamere Capital pools together investment money to co-invest in other companies



Lucky for them sexual abuse of little boys by priests does not need contraception to protect from unwanted pregnancies.


Oh look more abuse of power by the church and abuse of donations to the church. Shocking. Maybe they could have waited until after the election to see if the money might be better spent somewhere else.

A unhappy catholic

They are trying to influence the election. As a catholic who is very dissapointed in the church in the last few years it confirms to me why so many of us are leaving the church. I will be voting against Mitt Romney he only cares about the rich, so Obama is my choice.

Can't take anymore

The Roman Catholic Church has always sided with the oligarchs to preserve their hold on political power. The last clerical renegades in the Americas were excommunicated for espousing "revolutionary theology" or were assassinated by the oligarchic and/or military dictatorships they opposed back in the 1980's. Wenski must be bucking for an appointment to a ranking position in the Vatican. A better posting for him to keep his foot on the necks of the poor and disobedient women. I wonder what he really thinks about that Morman apostate, Willard Romney?

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