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More than 830,000 Floridians have voted, GOP up 5 but Dems ready to even score with early voting

After taking Sunday off (there's no mail delivered then, so no new mail-in ballots to count), here's the latest daily update in the absentee-ballot voting war. It's like the others: Bigger than the day before; and Republicans leading in ballots already cast, but not like they used to. Republicans are ahead by 5.4 percentage points (note: it looks like 6% in the numbers below due to rounding). But that's down compared to this point in 2008, when their cast ballots were about 17 points higher than Democratic absentee ballots cast, according to Democrats.**

Still, it's a GOP lead. Expect that to change when in-person early voting, which Democrats dominate, begins Saturday Oct. 27.

Voted ballots:

Party      Voted          %
REP     371,356 45%
DEM     326,624 39%
IND     131,274 16%
TOTAL     829,254

Outstanding requests:

Party   Requested          %
REP     661,749 40%
DEM     669,334 40%
IND     333,398 20%
TOTAL   1,664,481


Top 15 AB-voting hotspots, which account for 68 percent of the ballots cast (R/D=Republican-Democrat):

County    Total      REP      DEM       R/D
PIN       86,799       35,794       34,455       1,339
DAD       73,314       32,886       27,788       5,098
HIL       58,960       23,498       25,280      (1,782)
BRO       41,117       12,205       22,513    (10,308)
ORA       40,625       15,783       18,362      (2,579)
SAR       38,120       17,095       14,927       2,168
BRE       33,162       16,291       11,960       4,331
POL       28,695       12,124       12,434         (310)
LEE       27,668       14,389        8,155       6,234
VOL       26,045       11,888        9,686       2,202
PAS       25,413       10,876        9,951          925
CLL       23,555       14,339        5,147       9,192
DUV       22,822       11,539        8,405       3,134
MRN       20,133        9,541        7,849       1,692
SEM       18,751        9,718        6,010       3,708

 **One of the reasons Democrats are doing better with absentee ballots is that they have to because the GOP-controlled Legislature cut back on in-person early voting hours relative to 2008, when Democrats swamped the polls during a cumulative 120 hours of early voting over 14 days. Now, the days are limited to eight and the hours to 96 (note: the hours were always capped at 96 total, but then Gov. Charlie Crist issued an executive order that kept the early voting polls open longer).

We last explored this in an article when the vote hit the half-million mark


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2.5 million votes. excellent. The trend with 25% of the vote in is self evident. Early voting overall favored obama over mccain by 8 points in 2008. Not happening this year. The sun is startin to shine.

Dan Marino

Ha! Didn't read the article at all, did ya Ravi?


How the independents will break will be very interesting to watch. I am an independent in Broward, and I did vote straight DEM.


You don't understand turnout percentages, comparisons to 08, absentee vs. early, etc. Dan. You should research before commenting. Also indies in most polls swing R/R and away O/B - that's been confirmed in numerous polls.

Dan Marino

You're the one getting all the facts wrong, Ravi. No in-person early voting has even started, yet you are trying to compare these mail-only ballot numbers to the final early vote in 2008. As the article states, McCain was up 17% at this point in 2008. Obama STILL won. Now R/R is up only 6%. The trend is clear.

I'm sorry that reality hasn't provided you tea nuts much to work with, but it is what it is.


I'm actually disappointed in your lack of intelligence but that doesn't surprise me as a leftwing ideologue. Come back to me in a week or so when in person ends and let's compare those figures to 2008. 2.4 million obvoously is not registering in ur little head nor is 8.4 million


Ravi is pathetic if he can't get the point of the Herald article. Since the FL GOP-controlled state govt. reduced the amt of time voters in the state could vote early, the Democrats switched their efforts this yr. from simply encouraging supporters to vote early in-person to EITHER voting early, OR voting by absentee ballot, OR voting on election day Nov. 6. THAT is why the GOP margin in absentee ballots sent in so far this yr is so much lower than it was in 2008. Many more Democrats are voting by absentee ballots. Duhhh, Ravi!!

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