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Obama fundraiser in Miami shut down after power knocked out by Hurricane Sandy

A fundraiser for President Barack Obama was reluctantly cancelled Thursday night after the winds from Hurricane Sandy blew up a transformer and knocked out power to the event's Wynwood venue.

The Young and Powerful Group, which was raising money for Obama, had hoped to fill Cafeina Wynwood with song and drink and raise a few dollars along the way when it went dark just after 6 p.m.

Those already in attendance were told by security to drink up and leave because it was too dangerous.

Keon Hardemon, an assistant public defender at the Miami-Dade office, who is facing incumbent Audrey Edmonson in a runoff for her county commission seat, was there to receive an award as one of four Rising Stars in Miami.



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Isn't that a darn shame but hey, he lost florida anyhow so why bother.


God's way of saying "Don't vote that way again."

Juan One

The storm of defeat for Team Chair will reap its damage on Nov 6th!


Gee, I no longer wonder why BO is always on college campuses all the time.


So Mr. (Samuel) Jackson;

Do you think God got your last storm request wrong???


Another good sign. It's heading straight for the blue states up north, too. Blue S Fla first, though.


Even God doesn't like Obama.


Sandy: name meaning: protector of mankind; God is showing that he is tired of the bullish*t coming out of this cheating administration and he will be blowing a wind of correction on them!!!


Only 60 people coming anyway....


Yes Florida, this is the karma of Obama. One and done, this man can go back to being a community organizer as his record as a POTUS is of failure.


Obama hadbetter hustle back to Miami to check out the disaster before it becomes his Katrina.

Kevin Alexander

I still find it appalling that Obama made his way all the way thru the Illinois State Senate, U.S. Senate and U.S. Presidency without any real uproar over his mentors being "Communist Card Carrying Members" and his other mentors were "Socialists like that of Bill Ayers - radical who was convicted of a bombing". How does a man get elevated to these heights without help from outside the borders of the United States of America ? He doesn't ! There are many, let me repeat, many in our government that want the kind of Socialist government he has in mind for this great nation. I certainly hope that the majority of Americans will vote to get us back on track and Obama is not the man to do that. He has stolen more taxpayer money and given it away to other nations and to start-up, "green energy" businesses and most of them have failed miserably. He's only doing what he told he would do in his 2008 Presidential Election Campaign - "Spread the Wealth Around". We just didn't realize it was all around the world.


I love this storm already!


See, even the Lord knows it is time for Obama to go.

Huge Heffner

The 'Force' is with us!


There's a storm brewing all right. This next election will be interesting since the truth leaked out about the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin's bus tour was really canceled last year? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate or chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she's not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin isn't in this race and is now dodging the media because too many people know the truth.

Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the BIGGEST cover up in world history before it disappears forever, like democracy.


what ashame,well he has already lost Arkansas,OKlahoma,Tennessee,Texas,so what ashame.I feel so bad for obama.I'll be eating popcorn all day over this,just makes me hungry,that he can't fundraise.
I truly regret! for the people giving the fundraise,hope you made it home safe.
We do have bad weather and I hope everyone got home
safely before the storm hit.

tea isstronger


I do not believe a hurricane can turn a tight 90 degrees.

This storm will destroy all of the NYC fake ballots being stored in boxes.


Talk about a storm this election season, ever hear of the Marxist revolutionary named Che Guevara who helped Castro overthrow the Cuban government?

Is this merely a coincidence?

George Bush was a CHE-erleader
Dick Cheney Ex-CEO of Haliburton also known as RICH-ard CHE-ney
Mi-CHE-lle Obama
Obama ran on a platform of HOPE and CHE-ange
Bill Clinton born in HOPE, Arkansas at Julia CHE-ster Hospital
Daughter of Hillary and Bill Clinton is CHE-lsea Clinton

Read what I posted a few comments up for the whole story.


Give it up already!
You had been posting your $hit under different names all over the Internet! You sound as desperate as your provider-Obama!
Guess you are getting lots of welfare and food stamps in addition to Obama Phones ...no need to work and plenty of time in your windy empty head to storm it!

Marti Settle

God is Good.


You are an Obama supporter. Don't pretend that you're not. It's time to vote out Obama and put an end to his commie-unity organizing agenda...
New World Order leaders have been exposed
Obama Osama
Biden BI nla DEN
Americans are waking up to the truth and the ongoing cover up. Learn the truth about the last election. Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the BIGGEST cover up in world history before it disappears..


With song and drink....

What planet are you from?


the trouble with Tee isstronger is that Hurricane made a left hand 90 degree turn quicker than a UFO on NASA video and caught our fabulous weather forecasters off guard.

Otherwise, I like mine iced with lemon and sugar.


I think big storm has been eating too much govmint CHEese


Good! I hope Obama's next!


"Those already in attendance were told by security to drink up and leave because it was too dangerous." I'm just going to trust here that they were either drinking soda or they were all rich people with their own drivers ... otherwise telling people to drink up and leave is a rather dangerous proposition.

Keep Honkin I'm Reloading

Sandy hates Obama too. LOL


Wow, the haters are out in force today! Gotta love all the christians thinking that God hates Obama.


BigStorm - Better start taking your meds again.


I knew Romney had the Women vote. Thanks Sandy!!! Lol!!


It must have been Bush's fault! LOL!


"The Young and Powerful for Obama" are now known as "The Young and PowerLESS for Obama"


"Obama fundraiser in Miami shut down after power knocked out by Hurricane Sandy"

Fifteen people were inconvenienced by the closure...


GOD HATES DEMOCRATS! (I just figured I would amend the comment made about the hurricane that threatened the RNC, that the Dems made about the Republicans).

Big Ed

That's just too bad...
Gloria Estafan will just have to keep her money.


Hey BigStorm - your parents have any children that lived?


I remember when the Libs were wishing the Republicans would be washed away in a hurricane for the Tampa convention mother nature had other plans.

 Dan Higs

Obama attacks, can't talk about a plan because he’s trying to cover for his lack of anything new to promise and lie about.


Doesn't matter, Obama has already lost Florida and the election for that matter. Just saves the taxpayers some money because they don't have to clean up after him.


Now that's what I call devine intervention!


Democrat Convention: Dems disown God. Now it's payback time!


Trick or Treat!?...Here's a scary documentary to watch...Obama's America 2016, now On Demand and PPV.

Billy Jean

NoBama is an angry, bitter man who dislikes people. This assessment has been repeated by those who worked faithfully for NoBama for years and became disillusioned. He hates his job. He is a puppet of Bill Ayers and others to whom he is deeply indebted...especially those covering up his secrets. Barry has a lot of secrets that would not endear him to his worshiping sheeple.


Another dirty Republican trick perpetrated by the Bush Administration.


Sandy just got my vote!!!


happy republican

BAHAHAHA I have to laugh at this. Nothing is going right for this failing campaign.


Who's the REAL BULL$HITTER. Oh, I'm sorry, it's all Bushes fault.

Texans for ROMNEY/RYAN 2012!!!


What comes around goes around: Remember how "hopeful" the BHO hacks were when storms were predicted to hit the RNC Convention? Humm???


And God is able to do much more then this. And I do believe myself that in spite of the sins in America that have led to us having such a President he is also able in responce to peoples prayers to also intervene against those who go to far and have wrought much evil in the eyes of the Lord. This happened to ancient Israel when Bablon was allowed by God to judge his own people for their sins and when they went to far, God also judged them for their sins against Israel. So turn to God and repent and pray and ask for his help in the troubling time we are living in. And repent and believe the gospel that the Lord Jesus died for your sins and rose from the dead and retuned to heaven. And pray for his help and deliverence for our people and our nation. That perhaps there may be a lengthening of our tranquility and at least some deliverence from God. Sincerely ;

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