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Obama fundraiser in Miami shut down after power knocked out by Hurricane Sandy

A fundraiser for President Barack Obama was reluctantly cancelled Thursday night after the winds from Hurricane Sandy blew up a transformer and knocked out power to the event's Wynwood venue.

The Young and Powerful Group, which was raising money for Obama, had hoped to fill Cafeina Wynwood with song and drink and raise a few dollars along the way when it went dark just after 6 p.m.

Those already in attendance were told by security to drink up and leave because it was too dangerous.

Keon Hardemon, an assistant public defender at the Miami-Dade office, who is facing incumbent Audrey Edmonson in a runoff for her county commission seat, was there to receive an award as one of four Rising Stars in Miami.



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God Hates Obama.

I Hate Obama.

And the parents and loved ones of our Libyan ambassador and his aids hate Obama.


Obama calling Romney an BS'er is like Sandusky calling Michael Jackson a pedophile.


God doesn't hate anyone.
However what he DOES hate what they do including:
*gay sex
*gay marriage
*killing babies
*those who deny he exists
*those who lie
*those who do not earn for THEMSELVES(jesus said the
poor with ALWAYS exist.
*those who do not worship
*those who are corrupt, cynical and cheat others
*those who steal
*those who are unjust

So in a nutshell God prefers conservatives over liberals because they are closer in line with Gods commandments.



hummm, what's the better choice AMERICA.


Barry Soetoro

Bush's Fault !

the Left

Jack Thompson

Don't you love the name this bunch of narcissists gave for themselves: The Young and Powerful Group. How appropriate that this group of self-styled important people would be raising money for the Egomaniac in Chief, the guy who managed, by his gross malfeasance, to kill four good people in Libya just so his I Got bin Laden egotrip could run unabated.

You're The Young and Not So Powerful Group. Soldiers defending your sorry butts died doing so and you don't have the "power" to brave a little storm. Pathetic.

Jack Thompson, Miami


Looks like the ocean levels are rising on Obama's watch.


An endorsement by Mayor Bloomberg, Gov Christie thanking President Obama for his swift leadership and compassion during the tragedy and devastation of Hurricane Sandy...based on all of the comments above, looks like a silver lining in the sky.

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