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Obama voters confused about early voting

Yesterday, The Miami Herald fielded a call from a voter confused about early voting. Here are the dates:

Oct. 2- Oct. 31: Absentee ballots can be requested and returned by mail (and, technically, you can drop off your absentee ballot at the elections office in person)

Oct. 27-Nov. 3: Early voting

Why the confusion? The Tampa Bay Times Buzz blog has some clues:

Pasco County Supervisor of Elections Brian Corley is warning voters about potentially misleading early voting information after his office received hundreds of inquiries from voters Tuesday wanting to cast early ballots.Early voting in Florida doesn't begin until Oct. 27 and lasts through Nov. 3. Corley traced one of the complaints to a robocall from Organizing for America, an arm of the Democratic Party.
OFA spokesman Eric Jotkoff said the call refers to a program where voters can request an absentee ballot at the elections office and fill it out on the spot. Corley said that program is known as a "carry-out absentee ballot," which is available now. But he said some voters specifically mentioned early voting.
"It is causing, I would say, massive confusion," Corley said. "The problem is the message going out is severely misleading."
Jotkoff provided the Times with a copy of the robocall script, which does not use the term "early voting." This issue arose a day after Corley took a complaint from a voter about an OFA volunteer who initially said he worked for the elections office. The man told the voter there was a problem with her voter registration status, though officials confirmed her registration is fine.


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No wonder Obama supporters are confused, they want to ensure they can vote numerous times by Absentee, Early voting, and then again on Election Day as instructed.

west coast guy

Thanks, Vernon, for the insight into how Romney is going to try to steal the election.


Is anyone surprised that it is the 'obama' voters that are confused?

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