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Miami-Dade commissioner backers highlight lawmaker opponent's pensions

Photo (5)On the heels of a campaign flier attacking Miami-Dade Commissioner Bruno Barreiro comes a new mailer hitting Barreiro's opponent, state Rep. Luis Garcia.

The flier criticizes Garcia, a former Miami Beach firefighter and city commissioner, for receiving pensions from his three public positions (including the one he will receive once he leaves the Florida Legislature). The flier includes a photo of Garcia's financial disclosure forms listing the pension income.

The group behind the flier is Transparency in Government, an electioneering communications organization linked to Barreiro. The flier features a line -- "Tell Luis Garcia we just can't afford him!" -- similar to a line used in the anti-Barreiro flier mailed late last week -- "We can't afford Bruno Barreiro." That flier came from Change Miami-Dade Now, an ECO backed by auto magnate Norman Braman.

Photo (6)Garcia has put out a flier of his own, callingfor county reforms including term limits for commissioners. His flier, which also says Garcia would "investigate and report Absentee Ballot fraud in District 5 and the County," includes cards for voters to fill in and mail back to the Garcia campaign to request absentee ballots. The campaign, the piece notes, "will submit all information provided directly to the Miami-Dade County Elections Department."

District 5 includes neighborhoods along the Miami River, the Roads, Little Havana and the southern and eastern portions of Miami Beach.


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Just Asking

This is interesting, doesn't Mr. Barreiro also recieve pension(s)from beign a State Rep and a Commissioner?


Taxpayers should pay no pensions--zero, zip, nada penny--for politicians who served in elective office.

Serving the public through elective office is a privilege in itself, not a pathway to future income security courtesy of the people's taxes.

It's called "public service" for a reason.

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