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Rep. David Rivera says GOP supports him, but raises just $82k. Yet DCCC bumbling could save him

When asked if the scandals nagging him have harmed his campaign, Congressman David Rivera was quick with a denial.

"Not at all," Rivera told Ch. 10's Michael Putney. "That's wishful thinking on the media's part."

Rivera's fundraising report support the media stories and not the Republican's denials, however. Once a prodigious fundraiser, Rivera hauled in just $82,290.32. That might be the lowest amount raised by any seriously challenged Republican incumbent in the nation.

The National Republican Campaign Committee hasn't helped him at all. Republican Mitt Romney's campaign has kept its distance. His close friend, Sen. Marco Rubio, helped him raise money months ago but has since kept away. Rubio, however, did raise money for another Miami Republican congressman, Mario Diaz Balart, this Friday. Diaz-Balart has raised less than Rivera, though the congressman isn't under investigation from the FBI and faces an opponent who has changed his name to VoteForEddie.com.

Diaz-Balart has more money in the bank than Rivera, who had $307,000 cash on hand, according to his last quarterly report. Rivera still carries $138,000 in debt.

That's more than Rivera's opponent, Joe Garcia, who has just $216,000 in the bank. But Garcia vastly outraised Rivera by nearly 5-fold, hauling in $389,000 and spending $304,000 to Rivera's $20,000.

But the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has decided not to help anymore. It says Garcia's got the race in hand, so it's pulling its ad buy in the Kendall-Key West district. It might be a safe bet. But the standing line in Florida is that you don't bet against David Rivera. But, Democratic insiders say, the DCCC has no clue how to win Florida races.

This is, after all, the same DCCC that failed to support its chosen candidate, Luis Garcia, despite his raising a good amount of money. Garcia blasted the DCCC, decided to run for county commission instead and is considering leaving the Democratic Party. Because, ya know, the Democrats need fewer blue-collar Cubans in their ranks.

Way to go, DCCC.

No wonder John Boehner's still House speaker and will likely remain so.


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Well the Democratic Party is legendary for its ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. But i have to believe that Her Hairness Wasserman-Schultz probably has a hand in this. She's extremely close with the right-wing exiles and refused to support the Dems running against the Diaz-Balarts and Ileana until the last weeks of the campaign in '08. Wouldn't surprise me if her dirty behind is trying to rig things in favor of Rivera as well.


Pete Brodnitz, BSG

Democrat Joe Garcia leads incumbent Republican David Rivera by 11% in our mid October poll in Florida’s 26th Congressional District. Questions about Congressman Rivera’s ethics are taking a significant toll on his re-election chances.

Garcia holds a double digit lead

The poll, taken in English and Spanish from October 9-11, shows Joe Garcia leading David Rivera 46% to 35%. Two non-partisan candidates receive 3% combined.

Which candidate do you lean toward?

[IF ALREADY VOTED] In the election for Congress, for whom did you vote?




Joe Garcia, a Democrat


David Rivera, a Republican


Angel Fernandez, no party affiliation


Jose Peixoto, no party affiliation




Don’t Know



Another mystery: why would anyone on this planet be amongst that 35% as posted above that support David Rivera??


Look the fact of the matter is this. "If" Fidel Castro, was running as a Republican; the RPOF and the RNC would support him; secretly of course, but they would support him!!! Look at the Senate hopeful from MO., Every and I do mean every Republican ask, demanded, and begged him to leave this race. The head of the RNC, openly stated He (Akin) would receive "NO" support from the Stae or National Republican Party. A stand of Honor; a stand that was correct. "Now", well it's a different story. Politics of one's party; trumps Honor and truthfulness. That is a shame! Yet that is what politician's embrace. While it seems the GOP; favors party over Country; there are examples of the Dem's doing like things.Not though to the magnitude as does the Republican Party. So of course Rivera will continue to receice "secret" support from his party. What "I" find odd is many Cuban's claim to believe in America; they vote strictly, for tainted candidates. I'm guessing that it is felt that, "if" they vote for a Democrat; some how Castro wins. That is Un-American and diffenatly third world thinking. Or so says this long time Republican!!!


I am most disappointed in the DCCC again...What cant they support our candidates who we choose. It will be a travesty if this ends up as a loss for the DEMS. The DCCC asks me for money everyday.....they can forget about it...


The DCCC is run by a Blue Dog moron. There is saying that God takes care of little children and idiots. I hope that includes the Democratic party at all levels in Florida.


(Oh !well the Dem. Party failed to support Luis Garcia who is a honest and decent man, they choose Joe Garcia, which is a looser and as dirty as Rivera. So just for that I'll be voting for Rivera as the lesser of 2 evils.


Joe benefits from a moribund publication running stories against his opponent on a daily basis, advertising that would not show on his financial reports.

Whether Rivera is any sleazier than other more favored politicians would require some inquiries that we will not see in this space.

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